Deleted Comments from Dover Street Market Ex Employee of 4 Years Defending a 6 month old post: Cactus Plant Flea Market Gets Experimental for 2016 Fall/Winter


This guy claims to have worked at DSM before and was trying to school me on how Cactus Flea Market is killing it because they allegedly made a $40k wholesale order to DSM for this shitty drop.  I told him to redo the math.  He then deleted all of his comments which is such a bad look because I have them all saved on my discus for you to view.  You can’t run from me bro I save everything you send me lol.  Here are some golden nuggets:

cccc a minute ago

i worked at dsm for nearly 4 years. you’re 100% wrong.

yes, in retail markup can be up to 75-80%, but not in this case.

regardless, let’s entertain your ignorance. if it were 80% markup, that $22 per shirt. at 700 shirts, that $15k. add in $5k for the hats and you get to my more conservative $20k estimate that you chose to completely ignore since it was easier to argue against the $40k figure. as in any young, small brand thats blowing up, you just cant accept how much money they actually make. it pisses you off that someone who’s making something you don’t like is doing better than you, so you try to minimize it and deny the truth. denial is what addicts and depressed people use to cope. they also lash out with name calling and twist arguments away from the actual point being argued (like falsely assuming someones employer or age). you should consider getting help, you’d prob be much happier.

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Drake’s Paid Social Media Moderators (S.0.) : Here’s Where Drake’s Jamaican Accent Comes From


Just because there is a high population of Jamaican people in Toronto does not give Drake license to hop from culture to culture because he has no identity of his own. His video with French Montana was him pretending to be Dominican, he is NOT Dominican, there aren’t even any Dominican people in Toronto. Champagne Papi my ass.

He is not Kardinal Offishall, the original true Toronto Jamaican rapper. Man pick up a history book. He doesn’t deserve to claim any Jamaican heritage at all or rep us just because he shoots a video at the Real Jerk, jesus

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