Why XXX will defeat Drake: XXXTENTACION Says He Will Get a Drake Tattoo If Drake Can “Out Rap” Him


XXX is the guy who is going to take down Drake for three reasons:

1.) XXX is not from Drake’s generation. Drake is an old guy to him. Drake stole lyrics from Generation Z and nobody in Generation Z can relate or respect Drake for that. XXX is not scared of Drake at all, and rap is a young man’s game. Drake can’t even respond to XXX or attempt to cosign him without looking like P Diddy dancing in a Badboy video.

2.) Drake’s fame is based on inflated iTunes streams and bad album reviews that are fluffed up. XXX is still highly undeveloped and hasn’t dropped a full album, but he’s been courageously experimental for his age and has a legitimate cult following of kids who support him. XXX doesn’t need PR, he’s a PR machine himself.

2.) XXX has a cult following fanbase within his target age, he’s younger, he can actually rap, he has 100x more street credibility, he has no major rap label affiliations, and has absolutely nothing to lose. Not being signed to a major gives him ultimate freedom when it comes to dissing other rappers in rap politics.

These are the standard laws of the jungle when it comes to rap economics. Super famous popular rapper gets taken out by younger, more hood and raw rapper who is not afraid to go hard at him. This is Drake’s worst nightmare, but this is what happens when you steal.



Drake’s Paid Social Media Moderators (S.0.) : Here’s Where Drake’s Jamaican Accent Comes From


Just because there is a high population of Jamaican people in Toronto does not give Drake license to hop from culture to culture because he has no identity of his own. His video with French Montana was him pretending to be Dominican, he is NOT Dominican, there aren’t even any Dominican people in Toronto. Champagne Papi my ass.

He is not Kardinal Offishall, the original true Toronto Jamaican rapper. Man pick up a history book. He doesn’t deserve to claim any Jamaican heritage at all or rep us just because he shoots a video at the Real Jerk, jesus

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Syndicate Whistleblows Roy Wood$: Listen to Roy Wood$’ Debut Album ‘Waking at Dawn’



Insider Info: OVO bullied the shit out of this kid. OVO would not give him a decent deal for his entire album, and only wanted his song “Drama” that Drake could steal for his own album. Roy refused, and asked for $50k for Drama instead.

OVO offered him a solid million dollar contract deal, saying they would give him a full deal for the entire 40 minute album if he sold Drake “Drama”. Roy Woods agreed, but by doing so unknowingly voided the terms of his contract by removing the song Drama, thus reducing his album from 40 down to 36 minutes. The contract stated it had to be exactly 40 minutes worth of music. OVO legally manipulated him.

Roy Woods 3 managers threw him under the bus, split the $50k in three directions, and left Roy Woods with no money left to restore his album back to a full length so he could sell it. He was left in limbo to fend for himself, with no money, Drake stealing the best song off his album and not promoting the rest of Roy’s album.

This is why no OVO cosigns ever make it big, and this is why you never want to sign with OVO if you want to make it out of Toronto. At least Torey Lanez had the balls to go independent and he never had to deal with any of this shit. Blowing the whistle on you culture vulture scam artists feeding on the youth of this city.

Dear Roy Woods, you deserve better. Get a better label deal with somebody else, the Weeknd did it and so can you. Don’t let these guys enslave you like Partynextdoor and the rest of their team only getting paid $70k a year with 40 taking credit for all the music they produce. 40 receives the beats, adds “little touches” to them, then releases them under himself. All the other producers on OVO are currently shelved and make less than $70k a year in Canadian dollars.

You’ll never reach your full potential if you stay under them. If you don’t believe me, the reason Drake’s last album was so shit was because 40 took the reins and did most of it. Drake’s best albums were written and composed by other people. The Weeknd even regretted giving up half of his album to Drake just for the publicity cosign. Break free brother do not fear them, they can’t actually hurt you. Drake isn’t even signed to his own OVO label. You want to be signed to a vanity label that had guys like OB Brien on it? Take the first third party deal you can and run for your life man.


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Syndicate Discusses Much FACT Grants: Watch Majid Jordan Get Down in the Video for “Small Talk”



For all of you who aren’t Canadian. Much FACT is basically a a government grant program for artists who are too ghetto to get a label deal and pay for the own music videos. It’s helped some artists get off the ground, but typically it’s not a good look because it just demonstrates to the public that you have no label backing or investors willing to back your project.

OVO should have actually paid for this video if anything, wonder why they didn’t. OVO, you claim to be 6God’s and you can’t even give your label cosigns $10K to shoot a video? You cheap fucks.

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Syndicate Responds to: Kanye West Signs Tyga to G.O.O.D. Music



Tyga has a net worth of $2M. He stars in a reality TV show that leases him a $10M house, while documenting his decline as a rapper. He gets sued $1.5M for his Lost Kings label by one of the previous founders, his designer sues him $10K, and his landlord sues him $75 000 for damages to his retail store front he spent $100K on renovating. The storefront ends up being abandoned too, also due to shitty sales.

His album sales suck, he cancels most of his tour dates due to lack of attendance. Tyga pretty much had one good album, nepotism killed everything else in his career. He is far beyond his peak but has managed to remain relevant through dating Kylie and snuggling in with the Kardashian crew. He will be by far the most unqualified rapper to ever join GOOD music aside from Desiigner.

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I am the politest commentor on Hypebeast: Justin Bieber Gives a Tour of His Lavish Los Angeles Home



Justin grew up dirt poor with his mom, grinded the ladder and now he’s in a good place after years of hard work. Kid does like 300 shows a year. I give him dabs for his work ethic, and literally giving up most of his childhood and education so he could entertain all the other kids his age. A lot of people envy his money and success but few would be willing to sacrifice experiencing a normal upbringing to have what he has.

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