ASAP Bari Sexual Assault Video Download Link Leaked


Hey guys, just in case Youtube and all the other channels take down this video, here’s the link to my google drive for a copy of the video.


Syndicate Critiques: Bobby Hundreds and Josh Vides on What It’s Like to Start a Brand From the Bottom-up


I’m still not a huge fan of the Hundreds, but generation 2: Braindead, Pleasures, Chinatown Market, and Carrots are all shit rated brands. If Hundreds was a B- rated brand, those 4 new brands are like C-. They’ll never get as big as Hundreds, maybe if they started 12 years ago. They’ll always be the Lil Bro of Bobby Hundreds, and won’t be able to sit at the big kid table with him and his vast empire of flagships.

Read the rest of the interview, basically CLSC went from $1M a year revenue at their peak down to the 2014 retail crisis when literally everything started closing. I’ve never been a fan of CLSC but I think one of the issues is that it never gained it’s own distinct art style and aesthetic as a brand. It just ended up looking like the other dozen Fairfax printed t-shirt brands. No mind blowing graphics, no interesting fits, no real innovation. How could they compete? They ran their own flagship too like everybody on Fairfax but as well all know, the internet will kill all retail stores eventually, especially smaller ones.

Now Josh is running a brand development agency instead. Here’s the real question for all your industry guys, if you’re doing brand development for all these new brands, and the streetwear scene is shifting and closing slowly, is that really a safe area to head into? That’s like working as an oil broker as earth slowly moves onto solar panels. I feel like eventually, it’s just going to be Zara VS the high fashion world vs Techwear for quality and all the other brands inbetween are going to get killed off. High fashion will always exist because of the skill level, techwear will always exist because of the R&D on the product, and Zara will always exist because they’re fast fashion logistical gods. Streetwear has merged into high fashion, and contemporary has become Zara. The next generation of kids will wear cheap basics paired with luxury staples and sneakers.

But where the hell does streetwear fit into this? It’s mostly a bunch of guys who are into skateboarding and hiphop who can’t really do any of the above 3 very well at all. I feel like it’s becoming a dead end industry.


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Syndicate Responds to: Kanye West Hospitalized After Canceling Tour


He’s really maxed himself out. He’s running a bazillion projects right now, fashion, Donda, wife and kids, insane tour schedule, insane beef with other rappers. He has the weight of the entire youth global consciousness resting on his shoulders right now. All his cosigns look up to him to be their breadwinner and now he has beef with Jay Z too.

Honestly he might even just be exhausted and tired from doing so much. When is the last time this guy took a day off and just did nothing? This guy has been grinding every minute of his day since he began probably, and with a wife and kids now too he probably doesn’t even have time to eat. Nervous break down or not, or mental instability, this guy probably has to claim he’s having health issues just to avoid getting sued for cancelling so many dates. If he’s smart he may as well play up the crazy card to get himself out of this tour.

This happened to Lady Gaga right before she fell off. Her Monster tour made 70M in revenue and 0 in profit, she was mirked by the end of it and now is doing TV. If you believe in the illuminati this is the downward spiral they put you on when you defect from their wishes. They’ll strip you of your power and influence first then your financials tank, then you’re vulnerable.

Regardless, I hope he gets better. If this man falls off we really have nobody to lead our generation anymore. Who the hell can replace King Kanye? We’re gonna end up back in a hip-hop dark age like 2010 or some shit.

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Syndicate Responds to: Watch Kim Kardashian Tell Her Full Paris Robbery Experience


I still can’t tell if this either thing was fake or not. Season ratings were tanking, this probably is one of the highest points.

You know what would be fucked? If the series producers orchestrated this entire thing to restore ratings. As in, they literally hired a bunch of actors to pretend to rob Kim without her knowing to make it seem more realistic. That’s why they didn’t legit beat her up or rape her. At the scale of business they’re doing, this would probably be pretty profitable.

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