Syndicate speaks to Mega of Blackscale: What Does Rob Garcia’s Return to Black Scale Mean for the Brand?


Rob is going back to Black Scale because he’s unemployed and En Noir couldn’t stay afloat due to major logistical issues and their factories fucking them over, not entirely his fault to be honest. Rob is a competent guy, but everybody faces some kinda bad luck in the industry. Mega on the other hand had some cool ideas but now has a dried up ass brand that he’s hoping Rob can come and inject some actual design thought into.

Two old ass guys trying to save their labels. I hope when this drop comes out, it’s actually innovative enough to make us all think they know what they’re doing again. Adidas had a massive comeback and now I rock Adidas instead of Nike for the first time in my life, but it’s because the product is actually doper. Not hating on Rob or Mega because they’re clearly both hard working guys but please give us a good show or just fucking quit. There’s been enough bullshit releases in 2016, last thing we need is two industry vets spoonfeeding us more garbage.

Release fire or gtfo. If you guys still remember how to that is.

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Syndicate gets response from CLSC Josh: CLSC Pulls off Its 2016 Summer Lookbook With an iPhone 6


Rip off stock graphics in slide 8. Don’t brag about shooting shit on iPhones it doesn’t make you cool, it just makes you look even more disorganized as a streetwear label that can’t even remember batteries on 1/2 lookbooks they gotta shoot a year. I’m not here to hate, I’m here to make a fair judgement that streetwear brands that are just in it for the money and don’t give a shit about progressing the artform should stick to strictly business and go back to selling toothpaste and stop wasting the attention of the youth with this crap. People wonder why our next generation of artists are so retarded and brainwashed, it’s because they’re forced to look up and consume this crap at an early age. Stop poisoning the minds of our youth and try harder and or get the fuck outta the game. Disgraceful wasteful use of bandwidth and $5k for a paid hypebeast post.


Syndicate gets response from Mega: Black Scale 2016 Summer Lookbook Accents a Strong Sense of Contrast


Weird ripped dangly shredding on bottom of shirts that will 100% get knotted in your dryer/washing machine and fuck up your laundry. Black Scale logos right where your dick is so people can stare and make you feel uncomfortable. Boring dated saturated styles everybody else is using, probably an overuse of the the single concept of making a contrast garment. Unenthusiastic looking model, poor placement of BK on back of shoulders. Shoes don’t match the jeans. Does anybody actually wear Tiger Camo anymore? What about in orange?

I don’t expect anybody on here to think Black Scale was going to break boundaries with this collection because this brand historically has just been a graphic t-shirt brand. Graphics were cool, I was wearing a black scale t-shirt to a concert last night. Are they going to bring back the cool graphics for this season? Or are they out of touch with what cool graphics are in 2016? If this brand got launched in 2016 they’d be swept under the rug, lucky for them they have seniority.

Thanks for rocking the tee

You’re welcome, I bought 8, I still wear them to this day and have one left in the packaging. The graphics are cool but they don’t really last that many runs in the washing machine, but they also were $11 each on Karmaloop so I’m not going to complain about stock t-shirts.

Syndicate Converses with Mega of Blackscale: Black Scale’s 2017 Spring/Summer Lookbook Sees the Return of Rob Garcia


I love talking to Mega on here. That’s the reason I signed up for this website in the first place.

This drop is marginally better than the previous ones. I feel this brand is still greatly struggling to find their new identity past all black t-shirts with occultish graphics. Camo is played out, they should have known that. The denim looks a bit too wild but I’ll give Rob dabs for at least being brave with the design and not pussyfooting out. He completely overshot the target though, which is bad for somebody of with his years of experience. I still think Rob is a B- designer who got lucky with the leather joggers.

This brand came up, then fell off, then Asap saved it briefly, then it fell off again. And I don’t think any other rappers are down to cosign this brand all over again. I’m not sure if this brand was ever designed to evolve past this point. The era of streetwear this brand is from just feels stale now. If they can hire a new design lead and creative director to revive this, maybe they’ll survive another chapter. Until then, this drop is a 5.5/10 because there’s nothing innovative in it except for badly executed denim.

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