Response to: Virgil, Heron and Demna Talk “Disruption” And “Cool”

When I see talks like this that are all ego stroking it makes me feel like the next generation of kids are not going to understand why any of this shit is relevant.  And they won’t.  They’ll be kids born post-Yeezy and won’t know why any of these guys matter.  I’m waiting for the next generation of kids to lead us the hell out of this clown show.

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Explaining Licensing Deals: BAPE and Anti Social Social Club Tease Their Forthcoming Collaboration


John 3 minutes ago

Can you elaborate on what paying for “licenses” in street wear is? By the way your insight on street wear is intriguing. I’ve lurked here long enough to know your post have the most substance most days

Syndicate The Hypebeast Critic a few seconds ago

Okay so a license to get like Marvel or Looney Tunes or some shit is about $20-30k and you can use all their content. I’m going to assume Bape because it’s Bape would charge around $30-500k plus a percentage of whatever he sells. Notice that it’s not Bape or MMJ making the t-shirts, it’s always Neek’s Gildan just with the logo slapped ontop. When I saw that I concluded he’s probably just paying them the licensing fee to use their logo, then slapping it onto his Gildan’s and charging 3x as much. That’s a straight licensing deal. Bape or MMJ could also make the t-shirts for him but ask yourself first why would either of those labels want to collaborate with him in the first place.

Notice he’s not getting his own ASSC Bape Shark or anything fancy, it’s always just a shitty logo slap. MMJ and Bape have incredible facilities, but they never give him access.

1.) MMJ is old as shit and this introduces them to Generation Z and also gets them a major payday. Even if Neek breaks even on the pop-up shops after the licensing deal, he’ll make it back in e-commerce sales due to the hype. Realistically, I think MMJ might have only charged him like $50k for that. Neek pisses that on a car, I wouldn’t put it past him.

2.) Bape can obviously charge more but they’re losing relevance since Nigo left. He could probably pay them like $100K now that MMJ already cosigned him, run the pop-up, probably break even on that after flights, shipping, staff, import taxes etc. Again, it keeps Neek’s hype high and sustains his label.

Neek pretty much is running a marketing company. His brand is sustained off hype and a shitload of collabs, clever almost like Supreme. Unlike Supreme, Neek has no massive factory backend to make complicated garments. That’s why it’s always just Gildans. So if he can’t make quality clothes, all he can pretty much do is collab with every major brand you can think of until he runs out of brands and the hype dies down. Making $10-20M in profit in a few years is no easy feat but sustaining this beyond Bape I have absolutely no idea how hes’ gonna do that. Hey man, even Edison Chen fell down to $50k in his bank account at one point. Anybody can be king then fall off after 5 years.

Deleted Comments from Dover Street Market Ex Employee of 4 Years Defending a 6 month old post: Cactus Plant Flea Market Gets Experimental for 2016 Fall/Winter


This guy claims to have worked at DSM before and was trying to school me on how Cactus Flea Market is killing it because they allegedly made a $40k wholesale order to DSM for this shitty drop.  I told him to redo the math.  He then deleted all of his comments which is such a bad look because I have them all saved on my discus for you to view.  You can’t run from me bro I save everything you send me lol.  Here are some golden nuggets:

cccc a minute ago

i worked at dsm for nearly 4 years. you’re 100% wrong.

yes, in retail markup can be up to 75-80%, but not in this case.

regardless, let’s entertain your ignorance. if it were 80% markup, that $22 per shirt. at 700 shirts, that $15k. add in $5k for the hats and you get to my more conservative $20k estimate that you chose to completely ignore since it was easier to argue against the $40k figure. as in any young, small brand thats blowing up, you just cant accept how much money they actually make. it pisses you off that someone who’s making something you don’t like is doing better than you, so you try to minimize it and deny the truth. denial is what addicts and depressed people use to cope. they also lash out with name calling and twist arguments away from the actual point being argued (like falsely assuming someones employer or age). you should consider getting help, you’d prob be much happier.

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Arguing with 18 year old kids: Babylon LA Teams up With BEAMS in Nostalgic Capsule Collection


This argument was really funny because it began off as the kid calling me a nigger faggot.  He then sent me the URL to his brand and I told him two things.  Don’t call people on her nigger faggots, it’s bad for the forum.  Secondly, for his own personal safety and reputation don’t post his URL on here because there goons on here like me who will hunt you down at tradeshows and make sure you never get stocked.  He deleted a bunch of the comments and we’re friends now.  The funniest comment was “oh shit I didn’t know there were still real niggas in here like on some 2010 shit.”  Haha, I’m the only real nigga left in this forum.  Hilarity ensues.

Okay I’m not going to show your shit to my head office if you do two things. Firstly, stop calling people faggot and nigger in the comment section. It just makes this place worse honestly. Secondly, for your own protection never post your URL in the comment section again. That’s not the right way to promote yourself man and there are much worse people than me out here that will ruin you. Other than that, good luck with your brand you’re off to a good start, stay humble and work hard and maybe I’ll meet you in person one day and you won’t even know it’s me.

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