My goal on here is not to troll, it’s to educate.   Being a troll takes no critical thinking, and just makes the forums an inhospitable place.

I’ve worked in the fashion industry for years and have seen many injustices compounded by poor or misrepresented internet journalism.   I have worked with many A-list celebrities, famous brands, and industry people.  I’ve been unjustly thrown under the bus more than enough times.  I was silent for many years until I realized I could exercise my voice.  We all have an opportunity to spread the truth, and help those also seeking fair treatment and justice.  This may be the fashion industry but behind the scenes most of these companies we worship operate like gangs.  I’m here to offer to some salvation to those who need it, or a platform for those without a voice.

In my previous posts I’ve whistleblown bullshit news, rap beef, the truth about artists getting raw deals and being ripped off.   I’m here to argue with paid social media moderators faking statistics and data to confuse younger viewers.  I’m here to set the truth straight against marketing campaigns intended to exploit and manipulate the minds of a vulnerable audience who aren’t old enough to know any better.  It disgusts to me to see the treatment of some of the artists in our community, and those who are guilty deserve to be brought forth.

I am your platform for truth, your voice of objective reasoning against nepotism and corrupt media.