Why I don’t hate Heron Preston anymore

Listened to the whole interview. I don’t know why everybody here is talking so much shit. I seriously doubted Heron when he first came out trying to do fashion because of his association to Kanye, but now I kinda forgive him. A few reasons.


A little bit on my opinion of Heron.  This guy was getting a shitload of press back during the Been Trill days, which I honestly thought was kinda whack.  Logo slapping hats, throwing a bunch of parties.  I don’t live in New York, perhaps reviving some kind of crazy party scene for our generation was a massive feat.  But it all seemed like it had been said and done before by other crews in the past.  I read that he worked at Nike and had other connects with Lady Gaga’s creative director etc.   It all seemed very plugged in and too full of nepotism to be earned entirely on his own.  The Been Trill thing  was a massive trend, then it ended, then Virgil went off to do Off White and these guys kinda disappeared into the shadows.  ALYX came out, then Geo, then ACW, then Heron Preston.  Every asshole was doing a brand.  It all seemed so unoriginal.  Before Heron Preston came out he did HPC trading which was even weirder because none of us could understand how that was monetizable, perhaps that was the aim of the project.   Many people want to discount Heron as being that guy who was just in the right place at the right time, another swag black dude living in NYC making it by rubbing shoulders with Kanye.  Then I listened to his interview and it gave me food for thought.

– He was part of the streetwear scene in SF and online even before moving to NYC and meeting the other dudes
– He met Virgil and the Kanye camp through work he was previously doing online, before that he wasn’t associated he was just some guy like us online talking shit
– He did get admitted into Parsons and finished his degree. Most of the kids on here couldn’t get into that school or are too afraid to commit to being artists to even get to that point.
– He did manage to get hired at Nike in their street marketing division, did that work for years, built Been Trill organically through the parties, sold that shit, then hustled DSNY (weirdest collab ever in my opinion but at least it’s original), then impressed enough people to get into New Guards Group.

Kids on here can talk all the shit they want. Heron worked for about 90% of this, and about 10% was nepotism. The rest of it was just doing the jobs properly and working at a taco restaurant when he was broke. Call him a dumbass, you could pull all of this off too if you tried hard enough and committed yourself to streetwear. He’s also 34-35 so he had a jump on most of us. If you’re in your 20’s reading this, if you actually created something original you could jump this bar too. Heron kinda is proof if you just do you long enough, you’ll find peers and they’ll help you the rest of the way.

So I do give him credit.  He worked hard, created original work, networked with the right people, wasn’t born into money.  He’s evidence that in the modern day, you can still earnestly work your way to the top and make shit happen for yourself if you go for it.  A lot of the kids salty in the forums are probably pissed because he looks like he finessed his way in.  Everybody has to finesse their way in to a certain extent, but you also gotta do the work too.  How many of the kids on this thread were doing what he was doing at that age?




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