Drake’s Paid Social Media Moderators (S.0.) : Here’s Where Drake’s Jamaican Accent Comes From


Just because there is a high population of Jamaican people in Toronto does not give Drake license to hop from culture to culture because he has no identity of his own. His video with French Montana was him pretending to be Dominican, he is NOT Dominican, there aren’t even any Dominican people in Toronto. Champagne Papi my ass.

He is not Kardinal Offishall, the original true Toronto Jamaican rapper. Man pick up a history book. He doesn’t deserve to claim any Jamaican heritage at all or rep us just because he shoots a video at the Real Jerk, jesus

I’m so thankful Vox did this piece so people can have a comprehensive understanding of why Drake does this. Toronto’s Caribbean subculture/population is GIGANTIC. I mean look at Caribana which is North America’s largest street festival. The Caribbean subculture is so prevalent in T.O., why wouldn’t it rub off on someone who’s actually from there? Not to mention, almost his entire camp are frfr West Indian from PND, Roy Woods & Baka to Boi-1da & Sevn Thomas. Them niggas is all from the same city.

That’s total bullshit man. OVO rapes all of their artists, steals their credit, steals from the Weeknd, steals from Majid Jordan, steals from PND, steals from Makonnen. They make everybody suck dick for a co-sign, 21 Savage is next. There is a difference between being a collaborator and being a complete vulture preying on underpaid artists to make your next hit single for you. You think Kendrick Lamar got famous by going around “collaborating” and stealing music from people? Or Kanye? Step down bro.

I’m glad you brought up Kanye bc if you look in the liner notes of his albums, he has a shit ton of writers (ppl like Malik Yusef, CyHi, Rhymefest, Consequence, etc.) He’s probably more guilty of having a team of writers than Drake is. But to his credit, he gives those artists CREDIT. That’s why their names are in the liner notes. That’s why I hate when ppl bring up the ghostwriter topic bc you’re not a ghostwriter if you’re credited, you’re a nigga with a job & a publishing split. And you talk as if Drake makes “underpaid artists” make his next hit single for him, when a majority of his hits are by himself. The guy literally holds the record for most entries ever by a solo artist on the Hot 100. And how do you know they’re “underpaid”? Do you count these niggas pockets? πŸ€”

PND is paid $70k a year on salary a year. Roy Woods was almost robbed of his first album and paid nothing. Abel sacrificed half of his songs for a co-sign. Majid Jordan was using Much Fact grants to finance their videos because OVO won’t support them anymore.

OVO Sweatshop bro. Btw I’ve actually worked alongside some of these guys so I’m not just making this shit up like every other troll on this website. I’m probaby one of the few legitimate truthsayers on here.

Ok, now you’re just pulling shit out of your ass, bringing up random salaries as if you actually know these niggas without providing evidence. You’re just a troll on HB bro. Lmao chill. PND has a huge following, especially online, and makes hundreds of thousands of dollars off merchandise & whenever he goes on tour. He & dvsn both opened for Drake and are now selling out prestigious venues everywhere. And you bring up the HOB-Take Care situation, but forgot to keep in mind Abel only contributed to 5 songs on a 17-track album. Whenever he’s interviewed about Drake, he always shows love and lets it be known that OVOXO is still alive & without Drake shining a light on him, God knows where he’d be. If all these artists are being cheated and abused, why are they still on OVO and not saying anything about it? Why are still wearing owl chains and repping OVO to the fullest then? πŸ€” Oh, I know why. It’s bc there’s no validity to what your saying and you hate to see a bi-racial Jewish-Canadian former child actor have the game in a chokehold.

Abel left OVO bro. And dude 5 tracks on a 17 track album is fucking ridiculous lol. Drake isn’t even signed to OVO, he’s not even signed to his OWN label. How humiliating is that.

Abel does not rep OVO man lol. Drake doesn’t have the game in a chokehold anymore man, Meek Mill tarnished his legacy, XXX is dissing the fuck out of him, all his cosigns barely make any money. He aint no Jay Z, he aint no starmaker. Dude PND and DVSN make garbage money bro, opening for Drake pays shit. Also, you don’t know shit about merch. PND sells shit for merch bro who the fuck wears PND merch? Nobody sees him tour because he can’t sing live.

His team stays within OVO because a lot of them are too B-rated to make it elsewhere. Sadly it’s either get raped by OVO or go independent. I see you’re from Atlanta, you don’t understand how bad it is for Toronto artists here. Torey Lanez is the only one to not get signed to Drake, everybody else is too scared not to work with them or too scared of failing.

You know who makes more money than Drake? The Weeknd does because he left OVO in the first place. Skepta won’t even work with Drake bro because he’s knows he’s a sketchbag, he’ll take him on stage and that’s it.

Thirdly, I work with some of the OVO producers I hear what’s really going on here. You sound like a paid social media moderator for Drake though to be honest because I’ve never met any real fans as Stan like as you, except for on here. And I live in Toronto where he’s was birthed out of for god’s sake.

Also, I don’t care what ethnicity he is. I’m stating he’s a fake ass for appropriating Scarborough, Jamaican, and Dominican culture.

How can you say all this like it’s fact. I could care less about the nigga, but you talking like you signed to OVO and have seen this firsthand. Lol

I’m Syndicate bro I’ve seen some of this firsthand, multiple times. I’ve worked with some of these guys.

LMFAO I will NEVER believe any of this “I work with OVO producers” until you provide evidence. And Meek Mill (the same guy who got bodied by Cassidy, Game & Drake and dumped by his only lifeline Nicki Minaj) tarnished Drake’s legacy??? We’re talking about the same Drake who just went gold first week less than a year after he sold a milli first week with Views? Man, I haven’t laughed so hard in a min. And yes, it’s true Abel isn’t officially signed to OVO bc he has his own imprint. But it’s more than that, OVOXO is a brotherhood. Both Abel & Drake have been showing mad love to each other as of late, showing up at each other’s tours, supporting each other’s release dates, posting IG pics with the caption “OVOXO”. You get it, you just hate to admit it πŸ˜‚. And what is the pregnant woman beater filled with teenage angst by the name XXX gonna do to Drake, huh? Please give me a thorough explanation of what a scratch can do to teflon.


Buddy, in Toronto if you’re work in the industry, everybody has worked alongside somebody in OVO. OVO’s team is massive here, it’s really not a big deal.

Lol oh man you did not just call Drake Teflon lol. Meek Mill may have been bodied by other rappers, but he pointed out the fact that Drake doesn’t write his own shit and doesn’t credit anybody, that’s fraudulent in the rap game and if you’re a real supporter you should acknowledge that.

Also, I’ve posted about this before on here but Drake’s views streams are padded more than any other artist, he works for iTunes for god’s sake, same with Spotify. You need to read some radio history to understand this better but you’re probably 14.

Lastly, I’ve actually worked with the Weeknd before and the whole OVOXO crew. You are definitely going to call me a liar but I don’t care. Drake fucked them over hard. Just because you show up to a concert and they’re nice on stage doesn’t mean shit. That’s just the surface. Posting IG pics? Wow buddy great source of content.

It sounds like you’re a huge Drake and Rap fan, you don’t work in the industry or have any idea how any of these guys function behind the scenes and just want to believe he’s your hero. You are entitled to that. I however live in reality and have worked with these guys and have firsthand seen how snake they are, and I’m not the only one. If you were from Toronto you’d know that most people here avoid them like the fucking plague. Ie: Torey Lanez so you have an example you’ve heard about from where you’re from.

I still don’t believe your dumb troll ass πŸ˜‚. Still no evidence to provide. Drake is a credited songwriter, you imbecile. BMI, the top music publishing company in the U.S. besides ASCAP, has literally given him Songwriter of the Year awards on more than 1 occasion. This is documented, so feel free to look it up. His name is in the credits of other ppl’s shit from Alicia Keys’ “Unthinkable” to Rita Ora’s “R.I.P.” to Kanye’s “30 Hours”. Therefore, Meek’s argument is devoid. Yeah, he worked with QM to make some songs heftier and better, but to say he has no pen whatsoever and that QM worked in place of him instead of in aid of him is just bullshit. And you say his streams are padded, but let’s talk about traditional pure sales. Views first week did a milli SPS. The traditional sales out of that first week were over 800k. You can’t pad that. You can’t fake that. Find another uninformed idiot to debate with, fuccboi.

Record labels have been padding physical sales as well for over 50 years, if you knew anything about the history of this you’d know that. I’m not denying he sells well but dude Views got a worse review than his last two tapes, check Metacritic I’ve already debated and won this in length on here before. That album was inflated as fuck as you know it.

Drake has written most of his music, but he’s also stolen a lot too and you can’t deny that. He’s stolen more music than any other rapper out there and you blindly defend him because you’re a mega fan.

Running through the Six was written about Zone Six Atlanta, where you’re from. Not Toronto 416 where I’m from. if you want to worship the most fake ass rapper out of Canada ever all the power to you, but I know how these guys operate behind the scenes and I’m never working with them ever again. You’ll probably never get the chance to work alongside any of them in real life to understand what I mean.

If you’re saying record labels pad physical sales, than you’re basically discrediting the majority of artists who are commercially successful, and again doing it without providing evidence lmao. And nobody gives a fuck about critic aggregate scores. There are plenty of albums, films, video games, etc. that people think are incredible without the aggregate score backing it up. Critics are no different than any other human with an opinion bc art is subjective in how it’s perceived. And yes, I know QM co-wrote Know Yourself bc AGAIN, he’s in the credits. I’d understand the controversy if the references came out and he wasn’t in the credits, but that’s not the case. He was given his just due. But at least you admitted Drake has a pen. That’s makes everything else irrelevant in my eyes.

All record labels with hype artists will pad about 15%, and they require large marketing budgets to do this. I’m not discrediting every artist I’m just saying Drake in particular is padded heavily, mostly via streams but probably at least 15% through his label.

I don’t give a fuck about critic aggregate scores either but everybody on this forum was using that as the metric. You ask for evidence? I actually wrote a blog post on this already demonstrating clearly that Views did 25% worse than NWTS. Read my blog for references I don’t want to repost old content.

You’re a total retard if you ask me for hard evidence then argue that it’s all subjective. That’s so stupid bro. Derp derp evidence, derp derp it’s all subjective. Metacritic is hard fucking data bro you can’t deny that.

You are entitled to being a mega Drake fan if you want. I’m a Drake fan too, he releases cool music but I don’t respect him as a person. Read everything I wrote above. OVO behind the scenes is the shittiest label in the world to be signed to, all their artists are broke, they treat all their artists like shit, they steal music from their artists, and XXX is exposing that. Separate from the quality of their music, you cannot deny that OVO is a sweatshop that deserves to be exposed.

I was asking for evidence in regard to your alleged connections to OVO and also the claim that record labels pad record sales & streaming numbers, not on what Metacritic scores albums. If OVO is a “sweatshop”, then so was Bad Boy, Death Row, No Limit, Cash Money and every other rap label that worked as a collective to make dope music.

Okay Death Row abused their artists and were gangsters. Cash Money rips their artists off too, and molests their artists. Bad Boy did some fucked shit too. Here’s the biggest difference:

All the labels you just mentioned produced the richest artists in the history of rap. HIGH multi-millionaires.

All the artists on OVO are broke man. Do you even know what a Much Fact grant is? Of course you don’t, you’re not from Toronto or even Canada for the matter. That is the government grant program poor artists use here when their own labels won’t even give them $10k for a music video. One of my hoebag interns was even the booty girl in one of their videos man. OVO is cheap as fuck they don’t support their artists. My friends had to co-produce two of their ghetto ass videos. Of course you don’t know this because you don’t work here, you don’t see anything, you just read the blogs and suck Drake penis and believe everything you hear.

My first encounter working with OVO was in 2010 when they fucked me over super hard behind the scenes, and fucked over some of the people you mentioned above that I work with still. Because I work in the industry in Toronto, I’ve continued to witness their fuckery for the next 6 years. I would love you to come witness this in person with me. Can I ask what you do in Atlanta? You probably don’t do shit bro except troll HB and read blogs thinking you know something. You’re probably just some kid from ATL who has no idea what these guys are actually like.

“You probably don’t do shit bro except troll HB and read blogs thinking you know something.” πŸ˜‚ The pot calling the kettle black lmao. And doing it still without providing evidence. I’m familiar with what a Much Fact grant is, I’ve seen it in both Roy Woods & dvsn’s videos. We don’t know the details of their deal so I can’t speak on why they use it or what OVO Sound is responsible for in regards to music videos. It could be to take advantage of it for the fuck of it. I do know Bell Media doesn’t just give it to any “poor artist” off the street. I do know that OVO artists have huge fanbases, make hella money off merchandise, tour the world, and have been given a platform most artists would die for. And I used those label references to make the point that those labels worked as a collective and a lot of those artists got their just due.

Lol wow you watched two videos so you know how our grant systems work. You are not familiar with the Much Fact grant system if you think it has anything to do with Bell Media. You are not from Toronto, you don’t know how our grants work.

Dude please tell me how much money Majid Jordan makes off merchandise if they’re using grant money. Let me clear this up for you. ONLY BROKE ARTISTS are forced to use Much Fact. Do you have any idea how long and difficult the grant process is and they don’t even give you enough? You don’t, you’re very uninformed and assume way too much. That’s my evidence bro.

If OVO is so great, why did Makonnen leave?

Whatever publicist you’re working with, I suggest they teach you how to be more subtle when working the forum system because it sounds like you’re reading off press release copies. Just saying. You don’t sound like a person or a fan, you sound like a company. Fans do not sound like this. SPOILER ALERT!!! DRAKES HIRING A PR COMPANY TO MANAGE HIS COMMENTS!!

Bell Media is MuchFACT grant’s main organ & parent organization so they definitely have something to do with how they give out grants. They utilize MuchFACT bc why not. The same way Trump utilizes bankruptcy filings even though he has hundreds of millions of dollars. I don’t believe that these artists that have huge fanbases & tour the world in the year 2017 are struggling and would keep quiet about it. That makes no sense. And Makonnen got kicked out of OVO bc he was dry dissing on Twitter bc My Way didn’t feature him & then tried to backpedal and say he was hacked. He was garbage as an artist anyway and didn’t fit the OVO aesthetic. Just because I write properly means I’m reading off press releases? πŸ€” πŸ˜‚ We can do this debate shit all day, bro.

I find it quite fascinating that you claim to live in Atlanta and know so much about our grant system here! Bell Media is one of the many corporate financiers but you have to apply through municipal grant programs to obtain it. Cancon law requires that Canadian media companies contribute a percentage of their money to Canadian created content, aka ghetto ass Majid Jordan. You only qualify for it if you can prove you don’t have a budget, dumbass.

Thanks for airing yourself out.

Does that same logic you’re talking about with Makonnen apply to The Weeknd not being on OVO? No it doesn’t, The Weeknd left because OVO is a shit label that would have stifled him. Same reason Makonnen left.

We can only do this debate all day because you’re paid to do it on here bro lol. Do you get paid per word or hourly on here?


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