Syndicate Whistleblows Roy Wood$: Listen to Roy Wood$’ Debut Album ‘Waking at Dawn’


Insider Info: OVO bullied the shit out of this kid. OVO would not give him a decent deal for his entire album, and only wanted his song “Drama” that Drake could steal for his own album. Roy refused, and asked for $50k for Drama instead.

OVO offered him a solid million dollar contract deal, saying they would give him a full deal for the entire 40 minute album if he sold Drake “Drama”. Roy Woods agreed, but by doing so unknowingly voided the terms of his contract by removing the song Drama, thus reducing his album from 40 down to 36 minutes. The contract stated it had to be exactly 40 minutes worth of music. OVO legally manipulated him.

Roy Woods 3 managers threw him under the bus, split the $50k in three directions, and left Roy Woods with no money left to restore his album back to a full length so he could sell it. He was left in limbo to fend for himself, with no money, Drake stealing the best song off his album and not promoting the rest of Roy’s album.

This is why no OVO cosigns ever make it big, and this is why you never want to sign with OVO if you want to make it out of Toronto. At least Torey Lanez had the balls to go independent and he never had to deal with any of this shit. Blowing the whistle on you culture vulture scam artists feeding on the youth of this city.

Dear Roy Woods, you deserve better. Get a better label deal with somebody else, the Weeknd did it and so can you. Don’t let these guys enslave you like Partynextdoor and the rest of their team only getting paid $70k a year with 40 taking credit for all the music they produce. 40 receives the beats, adds “little touches” to them, then releases them under himself. All the other producers on OVO are currently shelved and make less than $70k a year in Canadian dollars.

You’ll never reach your full potential if you stay under them. If you don’t believe me, the reason Drake’s last album was so shit was because 40 took the reins and did most of it. Drake’s best albums were written and composed by other people. The Weeknd even regretted giving up half of his album to Drake just for the publicity cosign. Break free brother do not fear them, they can’t actually hurt you. Drake isn’t even signed to his own OVO label. You want to be signed to a vanity label that had guys like OB Brien on it? Take the first third party deal you can and run for your life man.


There have also been interviews with the guy who did the song “Sweeterman” that Drake re-did where he didn’t even want to talk on the topic of Drake. Seems like he did him wrong too somehow. Also, Bryson Tiller avoiding to sign with OVO after he was approached felt like he caught something sketchy. He also stole the wave from DRAM with Hotline Bling and showed no interest in even mentioning where he originally got the inspiration for it. When there was word that Drake was trying to re-mix “Cha-Cha” a few months before.

Take Care was basically all The Weeknd music and you could tell from the dark ambience, context and vibe of the tracks and now that he is co-signing Popcaan, I wouldn’t be surprised if all those dancehall and reggae inspired songs are actually all his work. He isn’t even pushing his artists with momentum, with all the clout he has, Majid Jordan, PND, and DVSN shouldn’t drop albums that make “mixtape waves”. Seems like he only wanted to use Majid Jordan for “Going Home” and some other writing camp shit for his own work. Same with PND.

This is some next level shit man, It’s not anything new, but Drake is really feeding of the youth with no sense of contempt. Kanye has done it, we saw the inspiration of Cudi on 808s & Heartbreak and shit and he also has a lot of artist just writing and pitching ideas for him, but he has always tried to push them forward too i.e Desiigner, Travis Scott, Cudi, Big Sean, Kendrick, Vic Mensa and not to mention all the people associated with him that he has opened doors for from Virgil, Don C, Jerry Lorenzo, and every other person who is/was “Kanye’s________”.
There are some exceptions like Teyana Taylor and Cyhi the Prynce, but to an extent it could easily just be the fact they aren’t really making anything worth putting out or pushing. Which is a different case.

Overall though this OVO shit just doesn’t feel like it’s beneficial to anyone else but 40 and Drake. Don’t sign a record deal with another artist because most likely their shit will always be their first priority. Especially if its OVO, these kids who look up to Drake overlook all this shit in the mist of all the excitement to have that co-sign and OVO tag.

This is some good shit man, both of you Syndicate

you’re welcome

So in what way did kanye pushed those artists..? Because if i’m not mistaken, big sean was mad ad kanye for not promoting him.. And it turned out that big sean was also ghost writing for kanye. Kanye rides waves just as hard as drake AND he also takes credit for a lot of beats he don’t even makes..

All 2016 rappers occasionally use beats and lyrics from other artists, its partially due to the collaborative nature of music in general. The difference with OVO is that they pay their artists crap, and in many ways are actually sort of bad at selecting talent. Kanye hardly needs to promote his talent because individually his artists are all incredible. OVO in some ways has hurt themselves by only signing artists they know that can’t outshine Drake in any way.

im not going to lie after reading all this.. makes me worried about skepta. I’m nigerian and skepta is of course his album was great.. i don’t want drake just doing this just do do it to be cool if it makes sense.

Well note to Skepta, Skepta was already big and had a strong following in the UK before Drake even arrived. It wasn’t like Drake discovered him from nothing and raised him. Skepta is independent and will always have his own following before and after Drake, regardless of what Drake says about him. And yeah Drake definitely does it to be cool he’s become a culture vulture, now it’s onto these island vibe sorta tracks.

You’re totally right man, I feel you.

The person you are referring to is Ram Riddlz, who Drake took his track from. Ram Riddlz got no money for it and wouldn’t give his blessing to sell the track to Drake and the OVO camp weren’t able to officially publish it in the end. Ram Riddlz in the mean time made about $60k off selling t-shirt merchandise and did some small bullshit radio tours, but was more or less a one hit wonder and will have to ride that down now.

OVO doesn’t invest in any of their artists and signs them based on if they can feed decent tracks to Drake, not if they’ll be strong individual artists. Any artists on OVO that can potentially threaten the king are never pushed forward. Perhaps this is their defensive strategy after putting the Weeknd on then having him bail because they couldn’t afford to keep him.

I think people actually know ram riddlz because of drake and ovo radio…

yeah i’m sure everybody on here does

Very similar story to another Canada artist “Mo-G,” he came out with his story a few months ago of a member of OVO bullying him and unfairly compensating him for his services (whatever they may have been). However, I thought “Drama” was Roy Woods’ song since it was on his last EP. I would expect more individuals to realize that a majority of labels don’t really look into an artist’s best interest, whether in compensation or pushing them to the forefront. But PND’s pay is sad, no doubt he’s probably involved in ghostwriting a few of Drake’s songs and it’s funny how they ghostproducing over at the OVO sweatshop lol. Still enjoy OVO’s music (notably Drake, PND, and Roy Woods), but if stories like this continue to leak, it may not look so good for the label going forward.

Man Drake set-up Mo-G as he was complaining about OVO by the opposing gang, then to cover that story up, dropped “one dance” and “pop style”. the OVO camp are some real monsters.

I’m so enlightened and mad that you know this.

Thank you though, Roy is the truth and that sucks..smfh.

Been saying this for a while. The people in the hb comments section care to actually find out about/have way more info than all the current writers here. Seems like all they do now is “quote tweet”. Sad.

This has become the best place on the internet to whistle blow all the shady industry fucks trying to screw people over lol.

whoa that’s crazy but not at all that surprising. The album deal is some next level lawyering tho. Probably some dude Drake has known since his bar mitzvah.

industry rule #4080, record company people are shady.

what’s the move here tho, download the album illegally and paypal Roy Woods 10 bucks directly?

The move here is mostly if you’re an artist trying to make it out of Toronto, do not sign with OVO. It might be too late for Roy Woods but I write on here mostly to warn the new artists that they shouldn’t go the same route as him, and don’t need to either.

Is this really true…? If it is it’s fucking insane.

This is true, I work alongside these guys and am posting on here anonymously.

same shit when abel didnt want to sign with ovo?

Abel sacrificed half of his album, stated in Rolling Stone just so he could receive the cosign. Since then OVO has become a lot more bullyish to prevent that.

I know Ovo runs the Toronto music scene like a mafia but Torey should just not even speak on Drake it will only end up bad for him

They do run it like a mafia but nobody actually respects it, and people are starting to not fear them anymore realizing that they are not rich nor powerful as a label. They’re tiny and none of their artists are famous. Keep in mind Drake isn’t even signed to OVO.

Damn This is sad AF. Roy has a lot of potential sucks if this is true. Drake and the rest OVO didn’t help promote this project to it there fullest. This kinda Bullshit should have happened to Desiinger. (or will soon)

What’s rough is they get maybe $70k base salary, none of his artists really tour independently so they’re getting paid garbage to be openers. They might be able to sell a beat here or there or get some licensing money but outside of touring, you’re never going to see real money in music if you can’t tour. So these guys are famous as f and broke behind the scenes. To be honest though, this isn’t a precedent in hiphop music, this shit happens behind the scene at every major music label.



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