Syndicate vs Vagina Pulverizer: Raised by Wolves Offers Insulated Wares in Its 2016 Holiday Collection


Pretty vicious argument in here lol

This drop is a midnight studios rip off. 6.3/10. You gotta really be out of ideas if you’re jooking kids 15 years your junior for ideas lol.

So true. They overcharge for some basic ass shit. When no one knows about them except Canadians and a few streetwear heads.

yeah they are honestly one of the most overrated canadian streetwear labels

The reason they’re at where they’re at is because they do cut and sew/fabrics for supreme. Its also a very small team mainly operated by 3 people. You should just stick to obey and hundreds bro. If this shit was in your price range you’d be all over it.

Hey Mr. Vagina Pulverizer, that sounds like the name of somebody who get zero ass. I own way more expensive shit than raised by wolves, and when I do invest in nice pieces I like the design to match the quality and branding. You should stick to wearing Obey and Hundreds because I’ve never even gotten into those brands before.

H&M uses a few of the same manufacturing facilities as Dior, they make their clothes side by side. Does that mean I’ll gain more respect for H&M’s prestige by association? Fuck no. Just because Raised by Wolves is a subcontractor for Supreme, making them Supreme’s bitch, does not make them more prestigious. It just means they gotta do Supreme’s bitch work because they know they don’t have the chops to ever be a direct competitor. If you knew a single thing about how little manufacturing margins make, you wouldn’t even bring that up as a point but you probably actually don’t know shit about the industry that’s why you just said that.

It’s obvious a very small team because their brand isn’t well designed enough to scale any larger. If these guys could clock 100M at scale, they would. If you knew anything about the history of this brand you’d know that one of the owners was one of the founders of High Snobiety and shamelessly self plugged himself again and again until people thought they were a lot bigger than they actually are. Now that karma swing is coming full circle when the new generation of kids is wondering why the hell this brand is even posted on this site when there’s a bazillion other better brands for the same price point. Btw this shit isn’t even expensive, it’s just average clothing with bs pricing. At least luxury clothes have some cultural value. My closet pisses on this, and part of my closet is proper premium crafted Canadiana made clothing which still pisses on this.

And that is why years later, they’re still a 3 person team, still doing Supreme’s bitch work instead of competing directly against them. And still releasing bootleg ass drops ripping off little kids half their age like Shane Gonzales. Raised By Wolves was B rated brand in 2009 and has dropped down to a C in my opinion because there was no real vision in the first place. Nepotism and self plugging can only get you so far. This drop is a 6.3/10 at best.

supreme is for some unoriginal cuck reddit posers anyway. it’s almost 2017, supreme is suburban high school kid with a topknot tier played out trash just like bape, slp, and rick

It’s funny how you type this big ass paragraph telling me the brand is trash, when most of their stuff still sells out or comes close to selling out when they’ve consistently been raising prices every year.. your personal rating of a brand doesn’t really affect how well their clothing sells, so it’s pretty useless in the context you’re trying to use it in. Can you name anything else similar rbw is doing to midnight apart from the split t-shirts? Not that it matters because they aren’t the only ones doing it, Shane didn’t do that first and the ones rbw did were one off’s.. I’d rather have picked one of those up than bought into the midnight hype. You honestly sound like a cornball, you’re gonna buy palace cause it has “more cultural value” ? lol right on bro. Because wearing a brand makes you part of the culture, right? Because palace makes anything similar to the embroidery pieces rbw did this season right? Lol I’m sure you’re aspiring to be in this industry and you have a really big closet full of super cool clothes, big guy! Doesn’t mean you aren’t trying to state your opinion on something as factual and sounding like a cornball.

dog i honestly disagree with 90% of the shit Syndicate says on here but he’s right on this one. this brand is pretty corny and the only nice pieces are the gloves and jacket. everything else is like cookie cutter 2015/early 2016 designs. looks like the stuff ghetto fake streetwear stores on fulton street in bed stuy would carry.

not trying to be mean, but seriously – the split tees were never that cool and they’re using tie-dye, the nirvana font, “clip art”/flash graphics, cheap looking box logos. i just dont see what the point of this brand is.

also, @Syndicate – the comparison of this brand to assc is absurd. literally no1 wears this shit in nyc or la, and the only canadian brand anyone cares about in the us is canada goose. assc has built a cult following in asia and likely made more money this past year than rbw has since day 1

Bro I never said eveything they make is fire. They make some corny ass shit, just like most companies. They also make some great staples and variations of other classics, are run by a team of 3 based out of Montreal etc. The incentive is to cop local clothing that is always really good quality. I think $1000 for a jacket is steep and split tees is meh… but I don’t cop that shit. I cop the staples and lurk the sales.

lol thanks for reading

I never said anybody in LA or NY wears RBW, and everybody knows ASSC made way more money than any label this year. I’m aware RBW is a small Canadiana label and that’s why I’m on here arguing that it’s truly a shit brand nobody knows about.

I love your logic bro, you know what other brand sold way more this year and is way better according to you? ASSC. They sold 10M+ this year. Why don’t you go rock your super hype ASSC and RBW and tell me how fashionable you are, hypebeast.

By the way Wolves has been doing worse year by year, less stockists, less hype, less products. They’ve sustainable but they’re not growing. You obviously don’t know that because you just check their website and believe everything you read.

I actually don’t own anything from Palace or Midnight studios because they are as well too Hypebeast for me to wear. And no, I don’t have to buy shit to be part of this culture. I do this full time and see way better brands than this on a daily basis. You can defend RBW if you want but if the rest of the world agreed with you they wouldn’t still be stuck as a shitty ass small 3 person team that can barely scale after a decade. They had a low peak and you worship that? Everybody else in this thread agrees with me, you’re the only one defending them which makes me think your friends with one of the owners or something which makes you look like a bitch for coming on here pretending.

Man go watch a Dior documentary or something and find another false prophet to look up to.

this is nothing like midnight studios. not trying to be argumentative, just healthy debate.

they just took a bunch of random shit that was cool last year and made it a collection. midnight studios/msfts rep vertical split tee, noah teddy cap, vans black & white checker (worn with sk8 hi’s so you know the influence), tie dye, nirvana font (grunge, not punk – midnight studios is punk – and even more narrowly, sex pistols), box logos, graphic art/tattoo flash style embroidery (chainstitching and embroidery are having a moment right now, especially amongst the tattoo crowd which has been blowing up like crazy due to the popularity of instagram).

k i agree the only thing they ripped off from midnight studios was the split tee. everything else is rehashed from last year. no argument there. that’s actually what i meant originally but then people started flipping out and getting angry as usual

Oh wow this is the saddest instance of someone editing a comment I have ever seen lol… then I noticed you’ve replied to pretty much everyone on here, claim to be in the industry… sounds like you got lil bro’d by one of the owners of this brand that left a bad taste in your mouth

You must be one of the little brothers of RBW that’s why you’re continuously in here defending them. You’re not doing a very good job of managing their social media reputation.

And no I’ve never worked with these guys and don’t know any of them personally, I’m just reporting back what I’ve been told by all my friends who do work with them personally. They don’t have a good rep behind the scenes, if you worked a day in this industry and weren’t just some wanna be 12 year old troll, you’d know that too. And yeah I do actually work full time in the industry, unlike you. And if you do too, I probably out rank you.

i love ugly, wings and horns for quality, anything from palace cuz it’s more hype and probably price comparable. this drop is a rip off of midnight studios and palace combined anyways lol

Holy shit man you’re really reaching.. How can you identify what a ‘combined palace & midnight studios drop’ would even look like? Saying you should buy palace because it’s more hyped up is weak.. Palace make soccer jerseys you can’t compare them to rbw lol. oh and prices for wings + horns are not comparable to a lot of stuff rbw does. All in all your comment is misinformed and retarded.

Well if I’m gonna buy an anorak with a big ass font on the front, may as well buy Palace, the brand is more prestigious right now and it’ll keep is cultural and financial value longer than RBW. I Love Ugly makes similar style stuff but it’s much much better designed and actually priced correctly.

If you don’t see the reference of the split tees that Midnight Studios and Off White have been parading around in for the last six months, you should go ask yourself if you’re even informed on 2016 because you sound like you aren’t. Shit was dead obvious to me but that’s why I’m a professional in this field.

Wings and Horns is a bit more expensive but the quality is 100x better and they are also Canadian made. If I’m going to buy quality Canadian shit I only buy it from labels like that because I know my dollars are going to towards quality R&D and not bullshit. Wings posts shitloads of information about their manufacturing processes, RBW can barely do clean product photography. Sloppy ass work for people trying to sell $1000 jackets.

If you’d like to call me misinformed I’d like to ask you who you are and what you do in this industry to be more informed than I am. The only other person in this forum who’s more informed than me is MD and that’s only because he has a decade more work experience in this than I do.

Oh damn u noticed the trend of split t shirts in 2016? You MUST be professional man because I did not notice that. I also noticed the trend of other brands copying each other all the time in a lot of different ways all throughout the history of time.

Wings and rbw have a completely different aesthetic, apart from some of the more staple pieces (like every streetwear/menswear label does). Wings are never going to do embroidery with wolf heads or sweatpants with print. Your comparisons are garbage. The only thing in common is they are Canadian.

Syndicate gonna side with vagina pulverizer on this 1 – the split tee being obvious to you does not make you professional. also, jaden smith did it first with msfts rep hahahaha. and he was just copying 70s/80s punk culture. i have more knowledge than Syndicate and MD combined.

i don’t think anybody on here actually knows more than MD, MD is like a decade older and has said some pretty insightful shit. then probably me but everybody on here is so brainwashed they always assume i’m just stating my opinion instead of real data

been in the game since the 80s, dog. i agree MD knows his shit. you clearly know a decent amount, but to be totally honest, you do cloud it constantly by weaving in your opinions. hence why so many hate and get into these little kid arguments with you all the time.

people are brainwashed but thats a moot point in this argument.

i think MD is more of just a kanye defender and i’m more of a fashion critic. i’ll take the hate for being more opinionated though, this is fashion after all, can i ask what you do? i’m always curious what other veterans actually read this blog

Oh wow double wolf heads souvenir style, that was super hot in 2015, after Zara was done murdering that trend. Wolves is again late to the game on that one, same with the split tees. Wings definitely has a different aesthetic, they make quality staples. Wolves has no real aesthetic, they’re just boring as fuck and posted here via nepotism, and are late as fuck on everything.

Again, if you’re not going to tell me what you do I’m going to assume you’re like 99% of the other bitter posts on here and are some underpaid 12 year kids in NMD’s whos interned at a local sneaker store for 3 weeks and ran their ig.

The amount of cliches you’re spewing leads me to believe you’re projecting. I have some great staple pieces from rbw and nicer/shittier companies.. Either way you sound like a cornball when you say shit like “if I’m gonna buy an anorak with a logo may as well be palace instead of this brand”. Do you realize how much of a hypocrite you sound like accusing me of being affiliated with the brand when you’re spewing opinionated garbage like that? I never said the brand was growing, in said exactly what you did, that they have established a niche audience. Maybe as a team of 3 running the most well known streetwear label out of Canada and subcontracting for supreme they don’t feel the need to expand. Maybe they’re comfy where they’re at lol. Anyway Mr industry expert, I’m sure you have some shoes to sell and some shelves to stock to get to it lol.. cornball

I thank god don’t work retail whatsoever, but maybe you do. The fact you don’t deny that though tells me you probably fit into that category.

I’ll give more credit to New Regime than I would to RBW, at least they’re relevant right now. Every brand feels the need to expand or die, that’s the nature of economics. If they could do more they would, but they hit their peak 3 seasons in.

I got nothing against you personally I just really truly believe RBW is overrated as hell and stand by that. You’re also the first mega RBW fanboy I’ve ever met in my life, surprised you guys even exist.

I’m hardly defending rbw… its your asinine opinion and pretentious attitude I’m calling out. You say ‘might as well buy midnight or palace instead of this brand’ (which alone is retarded) then continue on saying ‘oh I don’t even wear palace or midnight, they’re too hypebeast.’ Accuse me of being a super mega fan boy when it’s you who is just the opposite… I’m sure you’ve adopted whatever opinion your superiors in the industry have tailored for you. You probably don’t even live in canada. Rbw is always going to be big here, whether they hit their peak or not is you and your industry friends/vultures/superior’s opinion.

I actually do live in Canada, and I’ve been made fun of for being Canadian quite a bit actually, you can ask about me LOL.

Yeah my opinion has definitely been tailored by my superiors but it’s hard for me to disagree with them when control so much and show clear logic in their ways. Clearly my opinion won’t affect RBW’s sales but if I was an investor for example, I wouldn’t put money into what they’re doing. Customers vote with their dollars and because RBW has been around for so long and aren’t really that notable, I know for a fact customers know that RBW really isn’t that dope. Just look at the rest of the comments on here? Everybody is saying the same thing, RBW doesn’t really have a unique identity, and even for Canadiana it’s not that great.

As for Canada, RBW isn’t even that big here. Like shit, they don’t even own a flagship. You know who’s a solid Canadian label that has multiple flagships and is going to murder it to all ends right now? Arcteryx, they are zero hype 100% quality, and they charge $1000 for one of their Veilance jackets but it’s worth every dollar. I respect Canadian labels like that. I would invest money into a company like that to rep Canadiana, that or Wings and Horns or even Naked and Famous or Mackage. Or fuck it even Sp Badu.

Again, I’m not trying to convince you. You can wear them if you want I just don’t think they’re a good value.

You can’t compare rbw to arcteryx… that company has been sold in outdoor/mountaineering stores since I was 5 years old or younger. You pay $1000 for a jacket because you’re expected to be wearing it outside of the city. Naked and famous make denim so another incompatible comparison. For someone who is working in the industry you’re drawing some really weak comparisons… and no flagship? Lol no Canadian streetwear brands have a flagship. As I said before you’re reaching hard.

ever heard of new regime? they got their own swag flagship and make way better shit for less money. what’s rbw excuse? they been in the game twice as long, most of their stockist don’t even stock them anymore.

Syndicate is right, Atelier New Regime is on a constant rise since they started. At least their shit is kind of unique. Shit even little local celebs to celebs like 50 cent have been wearing their stuff so you know at least there’s hype around the brand. RBW is just, I don’t know.. stale? They’re just here to be here. It’s your old lamp you’re hesitating to throw away.

lol old lamp wow i hope the owner didn’t read that, that’s mean lol

Bahahaha… are you seriously using 50 cent as a positive example for why a brand is “hype”

FUCK outta here LMAO

I can’t believe you recommended that corny ass brand lol. The difference between that company and rbw is low-end streetwear shelves vs clearance at winners. Peace Mr industry expert. Its been fun

Can’t you read I said local celebs to big celebs like 50 cent. I’m not stating 50’s importance inthe fashion industry, I’m talking about how much hes known. There’s a whole range of celebreties in that gap. I’m talking about how much exposure the brand is getting when local rappers like Jazz Cartier to US rappers are rocking their shit. That’s why I’m saying that you can see it as hype since fan boys of these rappers might want to cop some just because their favorite artist is weraring it. Relevancy is not RBW strong point tho.

you asked for a canadian streetwear label that has it’s own flagship, is still relevant and got invited complexcon etc. they may be small as hell but that’s a real example, it can be done. they may be small but they honestly have the coolest conceptual streetwear flagship in the country, nobody can deny the originality of what they built. that’s a canadian streetwear brand i’m proud of and i actually fuck with. i’d consider rbw low end streetwear too like come on nobody in europe considers that shit luxurious.


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