Syndicate Speaks to Javier from Android Homme: Android Homme’s 2016 Fall/Winter Second Delivery Is Pure Luxury


I feel like this brand really fell off and should have just stayed with their original model

I feel like this brand really fell off and should have just stayed with their original model

In life & business we all hit peaks and valleys but we definitely have had more peaks than valleys…. Thanks for the suggestion though Syndicate.

Whoah is that actually you Javier? Just checked your account.

I’ve worn your shoes for a while, I bought 3 pairs of the less expensive ones. I still have a pair of the grey snakeskins today that I still wear regularly. I felt you guys were one of the very few shoe labels that could actually manage to do two tiers. The entry level models showed us what you were about, and the higher end ones showed us your top potential as a brand.

I’m not sure what happened behind the scenes, maybe logistics or saturation amongst retailers that caused you guys to only go high end, but I felt you guys could have been one of the few mid priced designer shoe brands to really take over. You guys came in at a time when it was only sports sneakers and gave us designer shoes at a really good price. You provided tremendous value. I still love the designs now but for the same price I can cop Giuseppes or Balenciagas which have a full fashion house lineage as well. It’s made it hard for me to choose you guys in that price range.

Either way, if this is the direction you’ve decided to go with your label and you’re happy with the core value system of it and are financially sound then I can’t question you. You did what was best for your company.

Yeah man, you make a great point and we considered all options. We were literally FIRST to see this luxury/street footwear opportunity and along the way as leaders we had to take risks. Other brands learned from our mistakes and so we had to learn from our mistakes as well. I appreciate your support and we are delivering authentically hand made In Italy at around $300. There is no other brand in our segment or otherwise doing that so we are still loyal to our core customer and a price architecture that works for us and them. Either way we clearly see that there is enough of a market for us all to be successful. Thanks for the support and your opinion.

You know what, you’re right. $300 for a luxury made in Italy shoe is a hella steal. I’m glad you guys found your voice and what is balanced for you in the long run.


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