Syndicate reviews: Neek Lurk of Anti Social Social Club Tells His Come-up Story on No Vacancy Inn


I listened to the interview. Honest interview from Neek, learned a few things like the gwagon write off lol and why LA culture might be so transactional. Considering this guy has done 4 brands in the past, I’m glad to hear he finally found a way to make one pop off. He’s paid his dues in the industry, reminding us that a lot of guys work at Supreme their whole lives and never get any shine. I think we can sort of all relate a bit to him because he’s a 27 year old from our generation who found a way to be the IT guy for 2016 and blow up and make a tonne of money. What would we do with that much cash and how would we really handle it. Good point about little kids not being able to project manage something of this scale anyways.

way 2 write an encyclopedia. nobody cares


Please Keep your stupid, poor opinion to yourself . You make hypebeast a worse place with your dumb essays. No one likes your opinion or cares.
Nobody cares about you or Neek or “Streetwear”

Why don’t you make yourself a: boring, nieve ,long winded ,basic opinion, blog on Karmaloop and let us hypebeasters in peace ?

Not true. I get a shitload of upvotes on the stuff I write on here. Therefore you are wrong, people appreciate what I bring to the table when I blow whistles on people’s bullshit. Keep your stupid ass opinion to yourself, nobody cares about your opinion. Everybody on here cares about Neek and Streetwear moron, and you do too that’s why you’re taking time out of your day to even read this post.

Why don’t you make yourself useful and go kill yourself

nigga i run these streets.


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