Syndicate Responds to: Why Are Artists Trying Their Hand at Fashion Design This Summer?


Syndicate • 8 months ago
Let’s look at this objectively.

Yes, artists can create merch that is more coveted than any other legitimate streetwear brand is able to make. They make super small runs, they design total garbage, and tonnes of fuccbois come to line up and buy it to flip on eBay the next morning. Good for them, they’re monetizing their music fame because people don’t buy albums anymore. I do not blame them.

This is also the reason why streetwear has become terrible. Before it was about exclusive shoe releases and collaborations, now it’s about which rapper wants to rape us the hardest on their overpriced crappy designed merch. And what is their punishment? Their punishment is none of them other than Pharrell will ever be noted as legitimate designers, and they’ll never be taken seriously in the actual fashion world.

Why is Kanye so offended the real fashion world won’t accept him? Because he knows without his music merch hype they would never ever touch him. He would just be some random guy from Chicago trying to sell baggy sweatpants for $700.

The real fashion world will always stay clear of this merchandise hype nonsense. Are music artists actually making more money or hyped stuff than actual real fashion brands? Hell no, the luxury fashion market is $370B a year. I don’t care how much Yeezy’s you can sell, you aint coming anywhere near what the legitimate designers are able to pull in. Even Alexander Wang’s sales piss on what Kanye and Golfwang make. When either of those guys can open as many flagships as Wang has, then maybe merch has done some damage but I have yet to see that. Until then it’s a bunch of 12 year old girls wearing Vetement knockoffs. Suck it.

PS. OVO merch is the worst merch in the entire world right now. OVO could have actually been a super dope fashion label but they fucked that up completely. Drake easily could have made his $300M like G-Unit did off his line if they weren’t so screwball.

Roosterillusion Syndicate • 8 months ago
Let the hate flow through you

imnotgrimey Syndicate • 8 months ago
Luxury fashion brands make $370 billion a year and spend $371 billion a year on overhead, production, and marketing. Alexander Wang is not profiting shit and they have to spend millions every year convincing people they’re still relevant. All it takes is another bad year and they can be gone. Look at En Noir. Fashion heroes one day, broke and gone the next. This tour merch pop up phenomenon is not meant to be fashion, but it is a great profit generator. Sell a $2 tshirt for $75, make some money and move on. No fancy store buildouts, no marketing, just a quick hustle.

Stop writing five paragraph essays about shit you and especially Helena Yeung don’t understand. You clearly don’t work in the industry.

M D imnotgrimey • 8 months ago
Lies! Wang himself is worth $70 million. Not profitable? Where does that $70m trickle down from? NYT reported Wang has been growing by 20% a year with 20 stores globally while generating over $100 million in revenue. This calls into question your above comment.

Syndicate M D • 8 months ago
Thanks for having my back MD haha

imnotgrimey Syndicate • 8 months ago
You’ve got the biggest dumbass on Hypebeast giving you props. Congrats.

Syndicate imnotgrimey • 8 months ago
MD might be an asshole but he’s not always wrong, at least he knows more about this industry than you you assclown poser. Real recognizes real, and we recognize you don’t know squat. Come back when you actually contribute something of value other than asshattery.

Syndicate imnotgrimey • 8 months ago
First of all, you don’t know shit about which private labels are still profiting or not, nobody does. We only have stats on the publicly traded labels. What kind of retard speak is saying anybody spends $371B on overhead, you think this is the US military or something?

Secondly, tour merch is not supposed to be fashion I’m fully aware of that and spent five paragraphs explaining that. Maybe if you were literate you wouldn’t be writing two paragraph replies making yourself look like a retard. I’m 8 years in the game, you clearly don’t work in this industry. Sit your ass down you wannabe.

M D Syndicate • 8 months ago
No shit. Dude makes no sense whatsoever

Young Kwashiorkor Syndicate • 8 months ago
Which is why I question why would Adidas invest that much into Kanye giving him his own stores. What are they gonna sell only shoes that’s the only thing I can see selling from his Yeezy line.

Syndicate Young Kwashiorkor • 8 months ago
They can give him his own stores, or section but the question is how long with the leases be on the units? Like they can trial run him for 3-6 months in a long term location to see how he does, but it’ll never be on the scale of a long term Adidas flagship. Adidas invested their $8m into Kanye and didn’t recuperate it but made all their money back on Adidas Yeezy lookalike shoes, putting them ahead of Nike so it was actually a good business move.

imnotgrimey Syndicate • 8 months ago
You are so dumb it kills me. You have no idea what you are talking about.

Syndicate imnotgrimey • 8 months ago
If I don’t know shit then explain why I’m wrong, oh wait you probably can’t because you don’t actually know shit. You’re just the type to run around acting like you do. Fakeass wannabe.

imnotgrimey Syndicate • 8 months ago
“Adidas invested their $8m into Kanye and didn’t recuperate it but made all their money back on Adidas Yeezy lookalike shoes,”
How do you know how much Adidas profited per shoe and how much Adidas made on Yeezy products specifically? Where did you read that Kanye was payed an $8 million flat fee for his license?
“putting them ahead of Nike so it was actually a good business move.”
Adidas is still significantly behind Nike in terms of revenue and market cap, so WTF are you even talking about?

Syndicate imnotgrimey • 8 months ago
Adidas is still behind Nike in terms of revenue but their stock vaue has risen tremendously since the sale of Yeezy’s and the accompanying shoes. Do the math on how many pairs of sneakers at FOB cost it would take to recuperate a small marketing budget of $8m for Adidas, it’s fuckin peanuts. I have friends who work head office at Adidas and other friends who are buyers at the stores where Yeezy was stocked. I don’t know who the hell you are but bring more evidence to the table before you refute facts.

imnotgrimey Syndicate • 8 months ago
You said yourself that “Adidas invested their $8m into Kanye and didn’t recuperate it”. You have absolutely ZERO evidence of this, yet you say it as fact.

Syndicate imnotgrimey • 8 months ago
I got anecdotal evidence but I know that aint worth shit on here. You can choose to believe me or not because those figures will never be publicly released. I’m leaking that information so people know what is actually happening behind the scenes at Yeezy. Beyond that I can’t provide any actual statement of income from Adidas supporting my claims if that’s what you’re asking for, but I don’t think anybody can.


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