Syndicate Responds to: Reed Space Set to Close Its Orchard Street Store After 15 Long Years


Good on Jeff for keeping it going for so long, looking forward to the next space. At least Reed Space does something positive for the community unlike the rest of these sterile soulless boutiques.

Not trying to hate, but please elaborate on “does something positive for the community.” The majority of his disciples are whack af (Sophia Chang, et al are examples of talentless nepotism run amok), the designs coming out of there were pedestrian and derivative- and have proven incredibly dated in a very short time. I’m not up on all their contributions, so maybe I’m missing something? As far as I could tell, they should have shuttered long ago but jefff’s ego kept it going long past its expiration date. No offense, homie- I’m usually a fan of your commentary.


Hey Hoo,

Okay I agree, his disciples are all Parson preselected hipster elite sort of people. He’s never been a strong designer other than the Pigeon shoe, which he lucked out with. As a designer and raw creative I won’t give him that much credit. What I will give him credit for is trying to build a community with Reed Space, giving new brands a platform to hit shelves, and being one of the absolute few guys to teach the laws of streetwear pre 2008 online. When I first started studying this really intensely he’s one of the few guys to provide decent information and actual industry commentary. I know retail is an absolutely brutal game so I’d at least like to see his retail space continue. There are so many more soulless boutiques that just push product and don’t provide any sort of consumer education.

Now that I’ve become established in this game I can see he’s become more of a retail space owner, curator, lecturer, and sorta like a streetwear intellectual, and that’s kinda it. He’s actually insanely corporate if you look at his consultation portfolio, it’s very far from what any of us would consider street. I can’t worship him as a god anymore because he’s had many chances to build a label contribution as big as any of the other major NYC retailers but still doesn’t.

You studying this guy so intensively the past ten years is one of the reasons you suck at Streetwear and your frame of reference is all off . Reed space belongs in the toilets it has always been trash .

RIP Bobby hundreds

My studying of him is precisely why I’ve gotten as far as I’ve gotten, may I ask what you even do in streetwear other make dumbass statements you can’t back up on Disqus?


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