Syndicate Responds to: mastermind JAPAN Adds a Second Drop to Its Pre-20th Capsule Collection (Syndicate Vs Stuci)


dumbass designer puts a homophobic slur on the front of his tshirt in 2017 lol. just quit honma you’re totally out of touch with our generation

Yes but he made over a million profit from sales since the brand returned. He is not here for creativity or legacy. He is here for cash and it’s flowing to him right now.

Yeah but can he do that without offending people and being ignorant. Probably 50% of the guys in the fashion industry are gay lol.

Bruh, he should have just retired the brand like he said he would. Shit is getting too ridiculous.

Homophobic slur? Where?

put queer on a tshirt, it’s not faggot but honma aint gay so he shouldnt be calling people out

You know that they recently added queer to LGBT, right? It’s LGTBQ now, meaning that if queer is a homophobic slur, then so are gay and lesbian. Go whine somewhere else.

so are you saying honma has become a proponent of gay rights now? this is just whack design and you know it

You have reading comprehension issues or what? I’m saying that queer is not a homophobic slur. Nothing more, nothing less.

Nobody likes gays that is part of our generation looser

go buy one of those mmj tees, wear it to the gay district in your city, i hope you get beat up and pissed on by a bunch of homos and you won’t be able to defend yourself cuz then it’ll be a hate crime ahha. get raped bro

You’ll never get your transgender bathrooms thank god and trump 🙏🏽

Looking at Off White/Vetements/HBA, I think he’s not too far off. Let him be.

I actually don’t think Vetements are bad designers, I actually fuck with them as runway designers for sure. I’m aware everybody hates them.

Off white was pretty cool for a while I know everybody hates Virgil I sorta hate him too but the clothes came out good.

Hba was the best of of them concept and design wise. MMJ was good too but now honma is clearly lost.

Hold it for a moment. This is obviously a cash grab and also a “pre-collection”. Real thing (meaning mastermind WORLD) hasn’t started yet.


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