Syndicate Responds to: Journeymen’s New Series Talks Art, Taxidermy and How He Made It in Streetwear With Brain Dead’s Kyle Ng


Kyle seems like a nice guy, perhaps a tad bit pretentious art studentish but he doesn’t claim to be anything he’s not and at least he owns it. It appears they’re literally just doing this label as an art project, they don’t care about the money and hype etc and Hypebeast just happens to be posting the f out of this guy on the weekly so we’re all here thinking it’s a cash grab. I can’t knock a guy for wanting to do his artwork and run the art projects he wants, it is what it is.

But let’s define “making it” for a second. Yeah he’s famous now but my in books you haven’t really made it until your brand is self sustaining and you can eat off it. This is his third label up at this point, the other ones probably ran out of funding or weren’t able to scale up. Can’t knock a guy for producing art but Hypebeast stop posting this kinda shit until the brand reaches the next level. Right now it’s just overhyping what he does, making him look worse than it actually is.


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