Syndicate Responds to: Is There an UNDEFEATED x Anti Social Social Club Collab in the Works?


Well, fuck it, Beams hosted a pop-up for ASSC. Retailers don’t give a shit if your brand is good or not, all they care about is money. If Undefeated can make $30-50K off this collab they’ll do it in a heartbeat. But this is also why I’ve never purchased anything from Undefeated, fuckin sellouts lol. Have some goddamn self respect.

Well, fuck it, Beams hosted a pop-up for ASSC. Retailers don’t give a shit if your brand is good or not, all they care about is money. If Undefeated can make $30-50K off this collab they’ll do it in a heartbeat. But this is also why I’ve never purchased anything from Undefeated, fuckin sellouts lol. Have some goddamn self respect.

30 to 50k? LOL!!

The undftd pop up did a couple million.

ASSC had orders in the 80000’s yesterday. A modest estimate would say that NEEK is walking away with a cool 8 to 10 mil. But it could be upwards to 2 to 3 times that amount. IN A DAY

Okay asshat, get your facts straight. The undefeated popup hasn’t even occured yet and there is no way in hell they do $1m in sales. At $40 a unit, they would have to sell 25 000 units in a single day. You must be retarded and unable to do math. If 1000 fuccbois line up around the block and spend on average $40 each, he’ll make around $40k. He is not going to get 25 000 kids, Kanye West can’t even pull that.

Also, ASSC has orders in the 80 000’s yesterday as aggregated for the last two years for his e-commerce only. Sales for his popups are not listed publically, you have no idea what he’s actually making. Neek has probably made about $2-3m after taxes, knowing that he bought a house and a few cars. He is not making more than $10m that is not at all realistic for a brand of this size, he’s not Hundreds or Palace or something.

Christ some people on this forum are so dumb.

as someone who has run a brand before, i can tell you that $40 per shirt isn’t pure profit. factor in cost of shirts, printing, shipping, paying people to work for you (turn around time for shipping was much quicker this time around, leading me to believe a whole rack of people have been hired for that purpose)…he’s probably making $20 profit per shirt or slightly more.

Yes we are aware of the difference between profit and revenue on an excel sheet. My point is none of these guys other than Kanye maybe can clock $1m in a single popup day.

Lol what a fucken Idiot , who doesn’t know that ?

i really think that’s possible. taking the latest drop which concists like 50 styles, and if he did 100 of each style, which probably he did, that’s like 14mill already.

It is possible he did $14m in total e-commerce sales over the past two years, but $1m is not coming from a 24 hour undefeated popup, that’s just logistically impossible.

You got finessed HOMEBOY

If your first post was a troll comment, then yes. If not, you’re just another ignorant HB troll who doesn’t know shit about how any of these companies actually run.

dude bought a hellcat (then customized it), range rover (then customized it), porsche 911 gt3 (then customized it), rolls royce, g wagon, mclaren, house in the hills (which he filled with gucci slippers and eames chairs and shit). that’s like $3m minimum and one would assume he’s got a little in the bank too. especially since he just did another drop (of literally logo-only pieces) that sold out immediately.

syndicate the most jealous hater on hb. bet you can’t wait for the next alyx or fog post to shit on two guys who are successful entrepreneurs and fathers.

I agree with you for the most part, but some of the cars are definitely leases. Paint/wraps aren’t that costly as far as the customization goes, and you don’t really see him doing much more than that with the big money cars. Not to say he ain’t making that good money, but he definitely knows how to play that show-off game on a budget.

Thank you

all 100% true. he’s clearly great at marketing and understands whats “cool” on the internet. i just think all these people who come on here and hate because they “know” so much more than everyone else.

hypebeast comment section full of jealous haters. i honestly don’t even like this brand but i’m mature enough to give credit where credits due. plus i heard he paid cash for the house, which is at least $1.5 – $2 mil. i don’t give a fuck what you do, at 27 that’s a god damn accomplishment.

I’m not hating on ASSC, I’ve defended Neek’s purpose on here before multiple times. I’m correcting one poster who said Neek makes $1m in a day through a popup on Fairfax, logistically impossible. The rest of Neek’s money is real and everybody knows that.

And get my goddamn name out yo mouth. Btw thank you for reading all my posts and recognizing who I am. I’ll be as famous and hated as MD in no time.


Fathers? Only Jerry has kids, get your facts straight. I’m definitely a hater critic but I’m not jealous. I’ve defended Neek on here multiple times. And btw Alyx is not that succcessful, they’re not doing even marginally as well as FOG or ASSC. I know Neek easily has more than $4-5M+ but he doesn’t make $1m in 24 hours on Fairfax, not even Yeezy makes that. Case and point.

Btw you have no idea which of those cars he’s leasing and which are part of his car club. The customized ones he probably owns, everything else is probably either borrowed or leased. You must believe everything you see. Don’t you know he’s friends with the biggest fake ass ever, Ben Baller? He’s been teaching him the ways of the faux flex.

Ben is the biggest mooch ever…always posing with other ppls bottles and taking selfies is the homie’s cars. That fool leases cars from Platinum and JK let’s him borrow whips to push around and promote. Ben is a delusional fuck…you notice he don’t fucc with RIF no more cuz he was demanding royalties for social media posts and they told him to kick rocks.

Thank you man

mathew williams (who you’re hating on above – he’s the designer behind alyx) has kids and a wife. get your facts straight.

i like that kanye not being able to do something means it’s impossible.

how do you know i have no idea about his cars?

yes i know he’s friends with ben baller. ben was never part of a “car club” he and his buddies just shared whips. all you losers who read the hb takedown article of him are the ones who believe everything you see/read. what’s the diff between 5 mill and 10 mill anyways? he gonna double it in the next year regardless so it’s a moot point. if it were so easy to “faux flex” more people would be doing it. whether the cars yours or not, its fun to drive around luxury cars. that’s why renting them costs thousands per day. no matter how you slice it, he’s got bread and is successful.

Would you like to provide more information about who you are and where you get your intel? I already have. My friends have worked with him before he was famous and still speak to him regularly.

Sharing whips or being part of any unofficial car club is still part of the faux flex. I’m not hating on sharing cars but for everybody on here saying he owns all of them, they have no evidence of that. There’s more evidence pointing towards them all just swapping, ie Ben Baller admits this.

The difference between 5 and 10 mill is a double income. He’s made good money this year but I doubt he’ll maintain consistent hype over the next 12 months to double it again. Faux flexing is not easy because you need a tonne of rich friends but it’s easier than owning 12 supercars.

Where did I say he was broke and unsuccessful? Read my points carefully.

And why don’t you use your real username on here instead of mine. Thank you for hyping up my screen name.

no one ever said he owns 12 supercars. read my points carefully. i never said or even insinuated you said he was broke and unsuccessful – i was just defending his success and money because thats exactly what you were attacking (ie. faux flex). read my points carefully.

known him and been running in the same circles before he even moved to la (fruition/stussy lv days). back at the magic trade shows and shit – dude even had a rolex gmt with a gucci wristband and was pushin a benz with wheels and some other customizations. he was doing fine before assc and im sure he’ll do fine after.

my point on the $5 mil vs. $10 mil is that he’s still a millionaire with $5 – $10 million more than your broke ass. read my points carefully.

i don’t have a username – i don’t use disqus or facebook or twitter and im not linking my google to this bs haha.

Nigga was pushing a stanced box scion with the dildo shifter back in the Stussy LV days.

To my knowledge Neek was driving a Prius and had no money when he started at Stussy LA. This guy is saying he had a Benz and a Rolex 3 years ago but I don’t know how true his data is.

“to my knowledge”

it seems like you get your facts from the internet and piece together what you can, rather than from actually knowing people and working in the industry. i thought you and your friends have known him “since before he was famous and still do.”

he had the benz 5-6 years ago (i said “before he moved to la” not 3 years – your comprehension sux). the scion was 6-7 years ago, then the benz. he sold the benz and moved out to la and picked up the prius with the dildo shifter. then assc happened.

K you win, you know more about Neek than I do. I know parts of his story but you got his entire car history on lock. Did you used to work with this guy or something, that’s pretty detailed. I’m not even sure if my friends would be able to recount exactly which years he had which cars.

That’s the limit to the extent of how much I know about Neek. Beyond that though I’ve worked in the industry long enough to know what proper sales metrics for things like pop-ups, even amongst super hype brands etc are.

na, never worked with him. it’s honestly not that hard to remember when and where you met someone and when i met him in 2010 he had the benz. i saw it, so i remember it. im a car guy, so naturally we talked about it. i remember him mentioning the scion during that convo because i thought it was funny. i also saw him multiple times in the prius when i was with friends in la over the past couple of years. is

i was mad stoned every time for sure and even i can remember minor details like these…

also, the reason we’ve crossed paths so many times over the past decade despite the fact that we’ve never lived in the same state is because we both actually work in the industry, unlike you.

You don’t have to believe that I work in this industry or not, I’m at work right now lol. I’ve been to Magic and Agenda before etc, I’ve just never run into Neek in person. By the way I don’t even live in the US so there’s absolutely no way I’d casually run into this guy at a car meet or something.

Can I ask what you actually do for work then Mr. Official industry person who’s bff with Neek?


“what’s the diff between 5 mill and 10 mill anyways? he gonna double it in the next year regardless so it’s a moot point”

Learn to write English properly. There is a huge difference in 5-10M and he’s not gonna double it next year. Brands that are built purely on hype like this do not last more than a year or two. Customers get sick of buying the same graphic over and over again, even Supreme is more original. I’m also not broke, and I doubt anybody else on here has a net worth of $10m at this age.

I don’t hate Neek or ASSC, I’m disagreeing with you on the premise that he’s going to double up next year. If in a year he’s twice as big as he was before, you message me right here and tell me I’m fucking wrong. But with this type of brand strategy I highly doubt that.

There was also a poster above who insinuated he owns all 12 supercars because he apparently makes $14m a year. That poster was also wrong.

this is the internet i can write how i want. fucking blog comments section bro, calm down.

and with this argument, you actually defeated yourself. my point was that regardless of whether he has $5m or $10m, it’s still a lot. you seem like you’re unable to comprehend that, so let me use your words against you. “There is a huge difference in 5-10M” – these are your words. the difference is $5m, again an amount you you say is, “huge.” now let’s say that he has the amount at the low end of the range: $5m. by your definition that’s huge. so you agree with me – he’s got money. that’s all i was saying. that he’s done well, is doing well, and on a path to continue doing well, with his assets and cash being the proof. regarding him doubling it, only time will tell. but i know he’s got his fingers elsewhere now too, and it sounds like you’re wrongly assuming assc is the only way he makes money. regardless, assc still gonna make money for another few years. likely not as much, but i could see it becoming a pacsun brand like been trill and doing decent there (at that point im sure he will have sold part of his ownership to cash out too). pacsun’s been working hard to re-brand (plugs with emily oberg, denim with heron preston), so maybe they’ll scoop this up next year.

“Brands that are built purely on hype like this do not last more than a year or two.” prove it. i’ll start by disproving it – neek started assc early 2014. it’s now late 2016. that’s 2.5 years.

didn’t see anyone comment he owns 12 supercars – my bad. i know he’s not pulling 14m/year and i know he doesn’t have 12 supercars, but of all the cars he posted i think the rolls is the only one not his. maybe the mclaren, but i doubt it – he been talking mclaren and ferrari’s for a minute. plus i think his true passion is cars anyways.

’til this time next year, syndicate the wishful clairvoyant.

I did not defeat myself. You can’t write improper sentences and expect other people on the internet to understand you. That’s illogical. Then you’re trying to change your meaning and act like you won. I comprehend everything written here, you need to comprehend your own legibility. No shit Shirlock $5m is a lot of money, but that’s not what you wrote. Your lack of articulate writing tells me you can’t write a clear argument.

I could see Pacsun swooping it but that’ll kill the prestige the same way it killed Been Trill, not necessarily a desirable death for a brand that collabed with Undefeated and was sold at Beams. Come to think of it, ASSC actually is the new Been Trill. Hype until it’s dead and not making an additional $5m a year.

Heron Preston’s current ventures are so whack I doubt he can save ASSC, and Emily Oberg is just a face. As for any kind of sale of stake, any kind of real venture capital company would not value this. He might get a rapper to foolishly spend on it but that’s not sustainability. There are brands out there with way more value that have gotten zero additional investment, ie: En Noir couldn’t even get people to back them and they were way more legit. Wow 6 extra months, let’s give him a bit more time and see how long your theory holds up. I’m not wrong about my speculations and I’m paid not to be wrong. If in one year ASSC is still even as half as popular as it is at this given moment, you can kick me in the nuts. But it’ll be finished by then.

Syndicate he’s clearly talking about the one they did in March. and yeah – hundreds + palace annual profit = what neek did last week (he’s got ZERO overhead).

Even regarding the one they did in March, there were not 25 000 kids lining up to buy shit. They’re not making $1m in sales, the only pop-ups to hit that retarded level of revenue are Kanye’s and his pieces are like $500. I’m not hating on ASSC here I’m hating on kids who can’t do math properly and want to come in and talk sit.

He has zero overhead but we’re not talking about overhead here, we’re talking about total revenue for popups.






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