Syndicate Posts Actual Costs of Yeezy Season 4: Yeezy Season 4: Men’s Full Pricing List Revealed


This is actually how much his stuff costs to make.

Basic Tee — €225 EUR (approximately $253 USD) = $20USD
Regular Tee — €175 EUR (approximately $196 USD) = $20USD
Long Sleeve Tee — €225 EUR (approximately $253 USD) = $25USD
Long Sleeve Tee With Pocket — €225 EUR (approximately $253 USD) = $25USD
Mock Neck Tee — €250 EUR (approximately $280 USD) = $25USD
Boxy Fit Hoodie — €295 EUR (approximately $353 USD) = $32USD
Boxy Fit Zip Up Hoodie — €315 EUR (approximately $353 USD) = $40USD
Boxy Crewneck — €270 EUR (approximately $302 USD) = $35USD
Flannel Top — €650 EUR (approximately $728 USD) = $40USD

Season 4 Bomber — €580 EUR (approximately $651 USD) = $80USD
Short Jacket — €580 EUR (approximately $651 USD) = $70USD
Long Shearling Jacket — €1,610 EUR (approximately $1,805 USD) $150USD
Parka Pockets — €670 EUR (approximately $751 USD) = $125USD
Puffer Jacket — €760 EUR (approximately $852 USD) = $150USD
Puffer Jacket 2 — €850 EUR (approximately $953 USD) = $150USD
Hooded Coach Jacket — €760 EUR (approximately $852 USD)
Short Shearling Jacket — €1,340 EUR (approximately $1,502 USD)

Sweatpant — €200 EUR (approximately $225 USD) = $30USD
Paneled Sweatpant — €200 EUR (approximately $225 USD) = $40USD
Shorts — €225 EUR (approximately $253 USD) = $30USD
Sweatshort — €180 EUR (approximately $201 USD) = $30USD
Paneled Sweatshort — €180 EUR (approximately $201 USD) = $30USD

Mens Crepe Boot — €574.05 EUR (approximately $644 USD) = $120USD
Mens Crepe Boot Oil — €574.05 EUR (approximately $644 USD) =$120USD
Mens Combat Boot — €396.05 EUR (approximately $444 USD) = $120USD
Mens Combat Boot Oil — €396.05 EUR (approximately $444 USD) = $120USD

For all you kids out there into hype pricing, these prices reflect not only Kanye’s insane margins but how much he needs to charge in order for himself to feel “high fashion” and attempt to fit into the industry’s luxury pricing model which he can’t logically justify with products like these. The rest goes to pay for his debts and insane marketing campaign to mindfuck you into buying this garbage lol

how do i get in contact with you. i might need your service

I can help you but the minimums are very high, is your company already reasonably established with a budget?

lets talk off site….IG?


Go and price check 3 factories in Italy yourself and you’ll see that I’m dead on, and you’re wrong. Suck it.

Yah, but that wouldn’t really include the other costs such as marketing, development etc etc…
“Contribution margin” isn’t everything, as anyone with any economics knowledge knows.

Even though there is no doubt that they have at least 100% margin on these, as all other brands do as well. 100% manufacturer –> retail, 100% retail –> customer

You meant 100% markup, not margin, I believe. I would say 300% overall markup is a low one. Every “chain” should add something like 300% markup leading it to overall 900% markup – thats the price (and I believe the overall markup of these collections higher). But thats not the case, you are right – it’s more interesting to learn gross profit and operating margins of this “family business” aka “fashion” collections “made” by Kanye, and find info about revenue and EBIT/EBITDA he got for selling his previous collections

Contribution Margin =/ Margin according to google translate for the correct term, but yah

Anybody with knowledge of how FOB prices work in the factory understands that that’s the raw factory cost of producing the good. All the profit beyond that goes towards the marketing. Kanye has one of the most oversaturated marketing campaigns running right now, including his expensive shows. The kids on here need to know what they’re actually paying for is not worth the bs price tag. He aint YSL, he shouldn’t be charging these prices.

No one is paying for what the clothes are “worth”, they are paying for the experience, of buying and wearing it. status etc
Not even Brunello Cucinelli or similar charges what the clothes are “worth”

I would never buy this shit though, as it is ugly as hell

Of course nobody is paying for what this shit is worth, and everybody pays for the branding. My point here though is yo even if you went and dropped $700 on a Givenchy t-shirt, a printed Givenchy t-shirt would still cost maybe like $50-60 to actually produce because of the artrwork and fashion house legacy.

Kanye is legitimately selling you blank canvas garbage for more than what Rick, Boris, or Ann D would.

Woah such a powerful man spending so much time commenting on a blog/forum. I feel blessed!

“No one is paying for what the clothes are “worth”, they are paying for the experience, of buying and wearing it. status etc”… if you’re a douche bag yes. You’re pathetic if thats the reason why you “like” & buy something.

Did I say I do? People who buy into these kind of hype items do. I buy whatever the fuck I like when I see it. Pathetic is someone who dont understand this concept, as they probably are one of these suckers haha

I work for an agency that manages and manufactures some of the brands you see featured on this website. I whistleblow all the lies I see on here so the younger readers can have a better grip on reality of what’s actually occurring behind the scenes. The youth deserves to know the truth and not be lied to by the press. In regards to Kanye, his entire brand is BS along with his pricing scheme and he’s dug himself into a hole he can’t get out of now. It’s either stop and look like a failure or keep going and keep looking like a dumbass.

Except nobody listens to you.

lmao everybody listens to me bro i’m reckless on this forum ask about me

Nobody knows who you are faggot. GTFO.

Says the dude who has close to 0 upvotes and is also a 12 year old with no vocab so he results to being homophobic. Go crawl up your moms ass and come back on here when you have at least 60 upvotes you fucking loser

Yeah because my life isn’t defined by upvotes, cornyass. Nobody respects you bro, especially on here. You are not the source you so wish and hope to be, you’re just a bum.

I also run a blog pertaining to this that gets about 400K views a month, with dozens of people emailing me on the daily asking for advice. I’m also a section mod on Reddit, so the truth is I know exactly what I’m talking about, as peer reviewed by others. And you’re just some kid on here with no views that nobody cares about. I am the fucking source bro and I have the data to back it up. I say that was utmost confidence and if you don’t believe me. Ask me anything about this entire industry works I’ll break it down for you piece by piece. Who the hell are you? You probably can’t answer shit cuz you don’t know shit.

If you’re so respected why do you have less than one upvote for each comment on one of the biggest blogs on streetwear? Why aren’t you linking to said blog, why does nobody even know who the fuck you are. So many questions. Hey look, I’ma unicorn! I’m a unicorn now, I’m on the internet I can say whatever I want fshjghjdfghjdf.

You can babble all you want about your traffic and how you know all this shit, but nobody on here even bothers to upvote you.

I’ve been asked a few times to link to my actual blog because of destructive retards like you I have to maintain my privacy, same as MD. And honestly man people do know who I am I’ve been featured on most of these before haha. You’re not hurting my feelings I know my position in this industry won’t change after these dumbass comments lol.

This is why you “work” for a factory, poor people’s mindset makes you think that way.

Poor? Manufacturing brokering makes millions, along with the other jobs I do. Shut your poor ass mouth you probably work some bummy regular person job.

I am so amazed, a millionaire spending hours commenting on hypebeast! You must be a very powerful person that really does not waste his time on mindless blogs and articles.

Lol I’m not a millionaire, but I’m also not poor as commented by one of the other users. I’m just any other guy working for an agency, who knows the prices, and hears the industry gossip.

Counting $ as if you are rich or not? Still poor ass mindset.

Lol so according to this guy right here having a real career and brokering massive contracts puts me in a poor man’s mindset. You’re just projecting bro because your job probably sucks and you know you’re in a poor mans mindset. What the fuck do you do for a living? You’re probably like most of the kids on this website, some broke ass student who wished they worked in this industry but instead sits on the sidelines and trolls.

Hahahaha You have “a real career and brokering massive contracts” but you still acting like a poor ass low life. You don’t have to show me how great you want me to think you are, you tried, but nahh didnt help you a bit. I’m just saying you have a poor man’s mindset. Try to be proud of yourself, cause atm, people like me “some broke ass student who wished they worked in this industry but instead sits on the sidelines and trolls” can be proud of you, even with your “real career and brokering massive contracts” Well then, probably nobody is proud of you.

I don’t act like a poor ass low life, what because I come on here and criticize Kanye? Tom Gunn criticizes Kanye too, along with the rest of the industry, does that make them poor men? No. I don’t care to convince you either because I get up everyday, do my job, and love what I do. Whether or not you believe me won’t change any of that for me. I’m proud of myself, proud of my work, as are my colleagues and my family. I don’t know what you do but you have no justification in saying I have a poor man’s mindset. And I know that for a fact. You’re just projecting because you’ve been told you have a poor mans mindset. Who’s the alpha in your life that said that to you?

Tom Gunn had a good point tho, but you? Naah. Read again about what you said about yourself and the statement about what your think about me. LOL you gave me a good laugh, thank you.



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