Syndicate gets response from Mega: Black Scale 2016 Summer Lookbook Accents a Strong Sense of Contrast


Weird ripped dangly shredding on bottom of shirts that will 100% get knotted in your dryer/washing machine and fuck up your laundry. Black Scale logos right where your dick is so people can stare and make you feel uncomfortable. Boring dated saturated styles everybody else is using, probably an overuse of the the single concept of making a contrast garment. Unenthusiastic looking model, poor placement of BK on back of shoulders. Shoes don’t match the jeans. Does anybody actually wear Tiger Camo anymore? What about in orange?

I don’t expect anybody on here to think Black Scale was going to break boundaries with this collection because this brand historically has just been a graphic t-shirt brand. Graphics were cool, I was wearing a black scale t-shirt to a concert last night. Are they going to bring back the cool graphics for this season? Or are they out of touch with what cool graphics are in 2016? If this brand got launched in 2016 they’d be swept under the rug, lucky for them they have seniority.

Thanks for rocking the tee

You’re welcome, I bought 8, I still wear them to this day and have one left in the packaging. The graphics are cool but they don’t really last that many runs in the washing machine, but they also were $11 each on Karmaloop so I’m not going to complain about stock t-shirts.


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