Syndicate gets response from CLSC Josh: CLSC Pulls off Its 2016 Summer Lookbook With an iPhone 6


Rip off stock graphics in slide 8. Don’t brag about shooting shit on iPhones it doesn’t make you cool, it just makes you look even more disorganized as a streetwear label that can’t even remember batteries on 1/2 lookbooks they gotta shoot a year. I’m not here to hate, I’m here to make a fair judgement that streetwear brands that are just in it for the money and don’t give a shit about progressing the artform should stick to strictly business and go back to selling toothpaste and stop wasting the attention of the youth with this crap. People wonder why our next generation of artists are so retarded and brainwashed, it’s because they’re forced to look up and consume this crap at an early age. Stop poisoning the minds of our youth and try harder and or get the fuck outta the game. Disgraceful wasteful use of bandwidth and $5k for a paid hypebeast post.



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