Syndicate Discusses Much FACT Grants: Watch Majid Jordan Get Down in the Video for “Small Talk”


For all of you who aren’t Canadian. Much FACT is basically a a government grant program for artists who are too ghetto to get a label deal and pay for the own music videos. It’s helped some artists get off the ground, but typically it’s not a good look because it just demonstrates to the public that you have no label backing or investors willing to back your project.

OVO should have actually paid for this video if anything, wonder why they didn’t. OVO, you claim to be 6God’s and you can’t even give your label cosigns $10K to shoot a video? You cheap fucks.

Learn 2 business. If you have a gov’t grant, which is basically FREE money, you’ll take it. Why would OVO waste their own capital when they have access to subsidies and grants?

Cuz it’s a pain in the ass application process where they’re not guaranteed it vs just paying it themselves, having a much bigger budget and getting it done whatever they want. Zero government bureaucracy that’s why.

If you can get a govt grant to make some artsy bullshit that pays out 5-10k you get guy for 1k who spends his time applying for this grant. Once you get it, you spend another 2-3k making your shit video, and you pocket the rest. It’s a basic art hustle.

No man, that’s not how Much Fact works. Much Fact subsidizes 50% of your video only. It’s just better than having to front the full amount yourself. There’s also something called auditing man you can’t just go blow it on strippers and expect them to reimburse you. This is a very specific type of music video grant that we have here. There is corruption amongst it in but for these guys.



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