Syndicate and MD: Yeezy Season 3 Editorial


Okay so basically this was just a giant 600 word essay written by Hypebeast on why Kanye’s last season wasn’t total shit and why you should head over to HBX and purchase everything they’re putting on clearance from him now. The art presentation at MSG was dope but it doesn’t change the fact that the clothes were a miss. Kanye is a massively successful rapper, it is not news that he can fill a stadium and entertain thousands. Why are they even reporting this like its news?

Total asinine journalism. This website used to be a credible place to find out about sneaker drops and what people in the industry are doing. Now it’s just a giant paid post shrine to Kanye’s penis.

Get down on your knees and place Kanye’s penis in your mouth, now.

-old man yelling at fast cars. Dude, just leave. Dude’s really writing Op-Eds over clothes on a site they could simply avoid. Smh.

*Says the guys with over 6000 comments*

See me on the streets over HB comment section is pussy as fuck. Trying to exchange IG names. I told you I will throw the piece paper with my IG name on it and watch it featherly land on your rice granular size body after I stomp it out. If there was a way to hold you to a date, time and location to get washed the fuck out in LA I would give you that shit but you’re a tough talker just talking for the sake of moving your mouth. Keep it within the safety of the HB comment section midget fuck.

Listen, pussy. You love your anonymity. I will put money up that I would drag the shit out of you and put hands and feet on you and post it on World Star and reference HB with a storyline detailing your fake bully ways and big mouth and your IG. Don’t let this kanye HB tired day to day shit get you fucked up. I squat over 500lbs. Your faggot LA ass has too much drugs and pussy in you to fuck me up. Bet on that. This internet shit has gotten a lot of niggaz dragged the fuck out. Try me, pussy. What’s your gay ass IG

You have several accounts because that’s your thing. Hop in and out. Talk shit. Offer no content. Hollow threats. Disappear. Stfu. Nigga been mad for months over Kanye no less. Lmfao. You don’t sound like a fucking man of any worth to me. All your bitch ass does is act tough. Only broke, pussy LA niggaz cry over clothes 24/7. Positive responses? Yeah, HB has been reduced to trolls like you trying hard to get upvotes and makes hating ass comments. Fuccbois like you ruined this site so much even HB editors troll you with Kanye Articles but your stupid ass can’t see it.


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