Discussion on Drake padding his streams: Drake’s ‘VIEWS’ Continues to Raise the Bar With Over 1 Billion Apple Music Streams



For all we know Apple just padded this for him, he works for Apple for christ’s sake. We are not impressed. The guy hires ghost writers, I wouldn’t put it past him.

For all we know Tidal padded Kanye’s fucking album. We are not impressed

That is also a possibility as he is an investor and it within their interests to assist him. But Drake being the posterboy for Apple and also magically getting 1B streams is sorta whatever, nobody gave Justin Bieber any awards for having hundreds of millions of views.

What’s “Magical” about 1 Billion streams? According to billboards equation for album sales,
1500 streams = 1 album sale. So this means he had 666,000 album sales, which is what he did in his first week.
And you just answered your own question, the reason they didn’t give Justin Bieber a plaque for his album streams is because they were as you put it only in the “hundreds of millions”

Awesome, so Bieber had about 2 billion streams for his last album. Which means he had 1.2M album sales by your calculations. Still, no BS plaque for Bieber because it’s not illegitimate corrupt iTunes. Bieber doesn’t work for google. Drake works for iTunes, there’s a conflict of interest there.

Album sales for Drake? According to who? iTunes? Drake works for iTunes, of course they padded his sales. Every major record company pads their artists sales, and now that the record companies aren’t in power anymore, iTunes pads the sales for Drake in exchange for him promoting them tanking company. This is the state of the music industry and has been for a while

No Bieber has had 1.4 or 1.5 billion streams. And these aren’t my calculations you simpleton, they were created by RIAA who is the governing body of the music industry.
And drake passed a billion views back in fucking June according to Universal/Republic records press release. So that trumps all your arguments.
I love how you find this so hard to believe. DUHHHHHH
The album has been #1 for 13 weeks, so reaching a billion streams on one site is not hard to believe. But apparently it’s some sort of conspiracy by apple to make Drake appear more popular than he really is.

Who do you think submits stats to RIAA? You believe everything you read don’t you. I have friends who work inside some of these labels. RIAA is inaccurate, especially with the advent of streaming. I love how easily you look this up online and just believe Drake is some kinda stream god when his album got whack reviews from the entire planet. It’s not a conspiracy that labels pad album sales, it’s been happening historically for the past 30 years inside every major. This is just the 2016 version, it’s absolutely nothing to celebrate. Do you believe an artist with this many ghost writers whistleblowing him wouldn’t pad his album sales to try to maintain dominance? I’ll continue to speak up against all Drake supporters on here, he has half of his team doing social media management on here anyways. Kids need to hear the actual truth on what’s going on.

“when his album got whack reviews from the entire planet.”
HAHAHAH Yeah 13 weeks at #1 and 4 times platinum. Sure wounds the entire world fucking HATES his album.
Plus 2 tours running (one with future) that are sold out in each city. That’s a shit load of haters paying top $$ just to go see someone they “hate”.
Must be tough to live such a salty life.

Drake hired fanboys here holla back!

Guy is such a fucking moron. I especially love the “I have friends in the music industry”… Yeah sure you do.
If 1 artist reaches a billion streams, then good for them, but if Drake does it is some sort of conspiracy.
He had a billion streams MONTHS AGO, and that was confirmed by his “ISRC Code” and “UPC Code” through google music, spotify, xbox music etc etc. But apparently they are in on the conspiracy as well.

Lol it’s not a big deal to have friends in the music industry, I’m friends with some of the people featured on this site every single day. You probably only think that’s an impossibility because you’re far outside the actual inner workings of this industry. I can see you’re probably one of the paid trolls on here to defend him. Nobody else here agrees with you. Read the rest of the comments.

Someone disagrees with you and proves you wrong and they are paid employee of drake.
How’s that tinfoil hate working out faggot.

Somebody disagrees with me because they are spoonfed Drake fanboy information and can’t handle the actual truth because it tarnishes their crush on Drake. I can also tell you’re probably uneducated and probably 12 years old with your use of homophobic slurs. Shut your goddamn mouth you unevolved neanderthal.

your an idiot if you didn’t know EVERY ARTIST HAS GHOST WRITERS EVEN EM!

Uh you’re an idiot if you think Jay Z, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, all the real fucking rappers ever used ghost rappers. One or two tracks might be okay but dude Drake has been caught so many times. He’s a popstar man, the Weeknd wrote half of NWTS. Name me one other legitimate MC rapper who had half of his album written by a fucking rnb singer? Sit your ass down.

Go on wikipedia watch the throne had over 50 writers!! check writes of every artist you called out, most people that write the songs are witches

Those are writers, contributors, engineers, producers, all sorts of credits. They all contribute to the main artist. Jay Z and Nas however 100% wrote their own shit, Jay Z doesn’t even write his own lyrics down. Drake is a joke man friggin Quentin Miller isn’t even from Toronto writing songs about the six? The six is zone six man, not Toronto. Know your geography.

its pointless, you don’t know no one writes they own shit witches do it for them to cast spells on your dumb asses


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