16 year old kid tells me his dad is dead on HB, most ridiculous argument. : OTHER UK’s 2016 Fall/Winter “Liberty” Collection Pays Homage to Grunge and Biker Culture




Ok, Represent brand rep.

First of all Represent has been doing biker jeans (distressed too, btw) looking like Balmain knock-offs in 2014-2015. You can do a quick google search and see people asking around for them since then. Also, so what you arguing is that Represent is actually late to jump onto the distressed/washed/zipped denim that it’s a plus for them? Haha, what a joke. Sad when you’re actually jumping on the trend behind fast fashion retailers. So copying people later than everyone else is a good thing, okay.

People are doing chelsea boots and bombers, yeah, but not everyone is doing the oversized, bunched up sleeves and the suede boots that makes the brand look exactly like a poor man’s Fear of God. Go look up a FoG lookbook and honestly tell yourself they don’t look alike, you idiot.

Actually, not everyone takes that long to crank out designs, especially if they’re COPYING them. Zara cranks shit out two weeks after runways. If you’re copying other people’s designs, you don’t need a year to come out with your shitty version of what’s popular right now.

So you’re saying other has not ? I’m pretty damn sure other released their first pair of distressed biker jeans in 2014 & no what I’m actually saying if you read properly is that clearly this brand has not only just released the likes of Zip denim.. matter of the fact here is that clearly they are not copying represent.

I could name numerous brand doing oversized bombers with ruffle stitching have you not seen the market ?

When did FOG get brought into this you retard ? It’s clear of day that a lot of brands these days find inspiration from FOG yes including other & represent

Zara actually own their own factories with a huge turnover rate that comes with a multi millionaire business and u think smaller brands can turn something over in that short of a period haha are you dumb ? Do you not know how the process works or something, if you actually took some time to educate yourself in the difference of Certain brands products you would see there’s no imitation just inspiration but regardless of what I’m going to say you won’t agree with me but maybe it’s time to take your head out of your own ass

Dude, other than sucking dick for your favourite brand, did you not read what I wrote? I said, “People are doing chelsea boots and bombers, yeah…” I literally agreed that others are doing it. But once again, what are you arguing? That Represent is ok because everyone else is copying too? Or that they’re not a shitty brand since they just doing what others are doing? Yeah, real “creative stuff” here.

Once again… learn to fucking read. The first post talked about Represent AND Fear of God. Second, your own sentence “It’s clear of day that a lot of brands these days find inspiration from FOG yes including other & represent”. So you ask me why Fear of God is brought into this discussion but then right after you provided the reason, and you call me the retard?

Please stop being naive and think that these guys sat in some sleek loft office sketching out creative designs when it’s really like, “Ok guys, everyone dressing like distressed and zippers and shit, so let’s do some clothes trendy right now so we can hop on the gravy train.”

We’re done, man. If you want to be a sheep and hop on from one trend to another, it’s your money. Just don’t look back in 5-6 years and wonder why your closet is full of regrettable shitty clothes instead of investing in some actual grail pieces.

Do you work for Other UK? You seem to be arguing their case pretty hard. If you do work for them, you should probably tone it down because you’re baiting yourself out as their social media reputation manager.

Not at all just knowledge of brands

Sounds like you work for them bro. Shhhhh

Randy Marsh any time someone defends a brand Syndicate comes in an hates on them and immediately assumes they work for the brand not realizing it’s just him and a bunch of teenagers commenting on here. dude claims to be some grown industry insider with years of experience but i’m confident he’s just some jealous broke boy nerd from the suburbs of canada.

Lol this nerdy jealous highschool trustfund kid from new york is stalking my posts. No, I don’t live in the suburbs. Get a life and go graduate highschool and stop crushing on me, I aint gonna be your senpai you loser lol.

Also, I’ve caught other labels on here defending their own posts before. A sneaky move that’s definitely over your head. I don’t accuse everybody but if it looks suspicious I’ll poke at them.

You should also stop making fun of Canadians, this site has a huge percentage that live in Canada or are Canadian born. Also, if your election goes sour there’s gonna be a shitload of people running to Canada like last time. I have 3 friends here that moved after the Bush election. I’ll save a bag of homo milk for you bruh.

Well said

Thanks Harvey

Definitely works for Other hahahaahahahahhahahaahhahhaahahahah!!!!!!! SUCKER SHITE

Thank you

canada sucks and your three friends are pussies.

“this site has a huge percentage that live in Canada or are Canadian born.” dog they’re based in HK – china has 4.5x the population of the us, which has 10x the population of canada. your entire country’s gdp is only 25-30% more than my city. stop acting like you guys got any sort of clout on the world stage.

just look at the site statistics – web traffic from canada only makes up 6% of overall traffic. The US is 35%.

Lmao this kid has NO idea the the owners of this site are from Vancouver and are Canadian-Chinese you total ignorant idiot lol. You’re also ignorant to world politics if you had any idea that this site is blocked half the time in China. China and HK are two different places, moron. You call yourself well-travelled? I’m sure you’ve been to Florida a bazillion times.

Btw Drake, Bieber and The Weeknd have been raping your charts. How is it possible a country 1/10th the population is producing talent better than 99% of yours in the music game? Want to know why? Quality over quantity asshole. We’re small as fuck of a country but we only produce fire. You’re from New York? We’re still producing more grammy winners than anybody from your city and our artists aren’t even American. Btw you don’t even do art or music you’re just some nerdy wannabe bloomberg terminal kid who doesn’t produce anything of real value except moving your daddy’s money around to buy all the crap we sell to kids like you. Get the fuck off our Canadian website and and have fun with Trump or Hillary wrecks you.

Btw my partners don’t live in Canada, some live in your city, and some live in Europe. Loser. And my partners in NYC don’t diss Canadians either, they diss trustfund losers like you that are insecure about never being able to live up to their own fathers. Go read some statistics around trust fund kids, they either end up never developing their own survival skills and become dependent on their fathers their entire lives, or they become drug addicts.

You sound hard working so I’m sure you’ll go to a good school and work etc, but you’ll never ever live up to your fathers name or out do him, if he as successful as you state he is. All of your accomplishments will always outshadowed by how much greater your father is no matter how hard you work. Even if you become a millionaire off trading, nobody will ever really say it was fully due to your hard work and grind, they’ll always say you had help and discredit you.
That sucks bro, but you’ll discover that a bit later on in life when you learn that money cannot buy the respect of your peers. It can buy you Vetements though!

So you come on here and make fun of Canadans like it makes a difference. Half my family lives in the US, you think I haven’t spent a chunk of my life down there? I could be at your front door in a 2 hour flight. I’ve actually worked in NY for a bit, you guys got great textile shopping.

i actually dont have any memories of my dad, asshole. he died when i was 2.

i will double our family’s fortune before im 30 and double it again before 40.

you know NOTHING about what you perceive to be “trust fund” kids and it just shows how much of a peasant you really are. you buy into the media that’s controlled by families like mine. just because there’s a few sensational stories like robert durst (btw most of his siblings are successful) or hedge fund kids like thomas gilbert doesn’t mean that’s the norm. the reason rich families continue to go richer over time is because im right and you’re wrong haha.

bill gates’ grandpa ran a regional bank. his dad bested his granpda by founding a hugely successfull bay area law firm that expanded massively. bill went on to then outshine his dad by creating the internet. jfk/rfk’s dad was a famous banker and trader (he shorted the great depression) and they went on to become president and us senator. steve aoki is a world famous dj and his sister is a world famous model. their dad started benihana. i could go on for days but you won’t ever get the point.

at least you understand that you’ll never be a part of this world.

hillary will be a good president btw – you think trudeau has more experience? hahahahahahhaahhaahah

You know what, I’m sorry to hear about your dad. I won’t say anything else man.

thanks for the heads up, ima switch back to highsnobiety.

obviously hk and china are different but theyre highly interrelated. if you had any idea about world politics and global economics, you’d understand that you’re fat.

rape isn’t cool to joke about. all 3 artists would be nothing if they stayed in canada.

nerds are cool. bloomberg terminals are worthless.


Oh btw, High Snobiety is also Canadian and run by a guy who lives in Ottawa. Lol you can’t run from us bro. The only one that’s 100% American is Complex but I know you probaby scoff at them.

“Total asinine journalism. This website used to be a credible place to find out about sneaker drops and what people in the industry are doing. Now it’s just a giant paid post shrine to Kanye’s penis.

Get down on your knees and place Kanye’s penis in your mouth, now.”

this how you talk about your own people, dog?

If it’s whack yeah, because this site used to be better. Canadians are supposed to have high standards for journalism. That’s how this site became credible in the first place.

Lol I studied at one of their top universities by the way and spent more time in Asia than you ever have in your entire life. Please stop talking about Asia you really don’t know shit. I even did a 4th year level course on 2000 years of the history of Hong Kong to be specific, just stop.

All three artists are international level, American artists tour outside the US too dumbass. The American market is of course important but so is Europe, South American, Australia, Asia etc.

It was nice talking to you bro, you taught me a lot about the mentality of what kids in highschool are still like. Make your disqus account maple syrup and we can chat on here again sometimes.



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