Syndicate Vs Stuci: N.HOOLYWOOD’s 2017 Fall/Winter Collection Is Inspired by Homeless Youth


Derelict my balls. Only Japanese brands can get away with this shit without getting flamed because their homelessness population is so small there. In America with one of the highest homeless populations in the world, this is a direct insult. The collection wasn’t even that great

Uhm, Kanye got away with it and so have a lot of other brands over the years. The difference is that the dudes at N.HOOLYWOOD don’t seem to be acting like their clothes aren’t inspired from the homeless.

Kanyes clothes are just oversized and reminiscent of 90s hip hop

You obviously missed 1/2 of his collections.

i know where kanye buys the shit that he jacks for samples. has nothing to do with homeless and has all to do with millitary. just because you have a skewed view of the homeless doesnt mean it is so.

as far as n. hoolywood goes, this shit sucks. the optics suck, and i know they arent donating shit to their muse.

His collections are part military, part homeless, part not-even-sure-what. Denying that some of his clothes look inspired by homeless people while bashing on N.HOOLYWOOD for that very same reason is nothing short of a double standard.

Kanye’s collection never involved them directly carrying garbage bags man. SMH. N Hoolywood here is fucking proud to be inspired by bag people. Shame

I am pretty sure some of the models were carrying garbage bags at one of Yeezy’s collections. I remember seeing photos of them walking around outside with the trash bags in question.

None of the models at any of Yeezy’s shows were carrying actual garbage bags. N Hoolywoods models are clearly carrying real garbage bags, they are being literal as hell with it. Yeezy was more on this Matrix Zion ripped futuristic clothing vibe than actual commentary on homeless people. If you’re referring to other distressed designers, guys like Rick would cite the original Mad Max and a dystopian future as his inspiration, not literal homeless people. Same with FOG even though I hate that brand

I will try to find the photos and will get back to you if I do 🙂 And yes, that’s the difference between all these brands. N.HOOLYWOOD basically say what they are inspired by, while others pretend to be something else (I am not referring to Rick Owens or FOG in particular).

Like I’m aware plenty of brands go for the homeless look, I’m just saying I find it odd that only a Japanese brand would outright make the literal statement they are inspired by homeless people because it’s a non-serious issue in their country. That is my point exactly, FOG or Rick would never dare say this collection is dedicated to homeless people, considering Jerry even gave away Vans to people on Skid Row. Japan doesn’t even have a skid row.

Agree. However, you were wrong about them not being ripped apart for it hah

People in the US are offended by just about anything small. In Japan, there’s no real homeless problem so of course nobody is up in arms about appropriating the poverty of these people for the sake of fashion


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