Syndicate Responds to: Watch the Livestream of Kanye West’s YEEZY SEASON 5 Fashion Show Now


5/10. Okay so last season was a total disaster. This season still seems to be baggy ass oversized crewnecks, red velour, camo print, baggy sweats and knee high leather boots that Kim would like, and a bunch of furry outerwear that doesn’t seem to be a drastic improvement. Add 10% pockets and some random graphics.

From a design standpoint there isn’t enough innovation here for me to say this guy is improving. This is his FIFTH high budget season everybody, please take note of that. By this point, even designers like Virgil were already killing it and he had way less money to produce his collection.

virgil got a grant but yea you right. Kanye is not a good designer. I love ye but its sad to see tbh

He was too gullient on religion I think!!!!! He was all like, I’m black Jesus I’m a sinner wearing a skirt hurrrrrrrr then pow his mind finally goes

Youre right, but atleast hes going for a general design this season it looks like rather than just a mish mash of colours. but its true this is taking him a heck of a long time to get recognized as atleast a high end fashion designer

He is not a high end fashion designer. He’s not even a designer. What have you seen this guy sketch, drape, sew? What pattern has the guy cut? Oh yeah he drew that really poor concept sketch of an IKEA bed that went straight to their shredder.

there is an evolving identity visible when looking back at the previous collections. I don’t fully understand the depth of this collection and I thin that’s partly because of it’s sheer depth. It might be right for Fashion Week but unnecessary for the actual public..

No man, there’s no depth lol, don’t give him that much credit. This line is pretty straight forward, there’s very few hidden meanings. This isn’t like Rick Owens or a more esoteric label

this is over kill. its just clothes my nigga
hahahahhahahahahah like what!

Yes indeed it is just clothes, but to Kanye it’s not just clothes, it’s his artistic integrity. He’s the one who gets angry when he feels we don’t understand it.

It’s not that we don’t understand him, it’s that he wants his very first 5 collections a designer to pop off. Even Virgil had more humility, doing two seasons of Pyrex then 2 years of Been Trill.


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