Syndicate Responds to: Vetements’ Guram Gvasalia on Why Fake Pieces Aren’t Necessarily a Bad Thing


I don’t hate this brand and neither should you. The prices are rape and that’s part of the fun, but they don’t claim to be anything they are not. These guys are industry vets and do real fashion shows, they can do whatever the fuck they want lol.

“These guys are industry vets…”


You must be new. Go look up Vetements and see who heralds the brand. Jesus christ.

Lol. Being a “senior designer” at a couple of brands since 2009 is everything BUT a vet. YOU must be new. This dude was basically NOBODY before Vetements. He JUST got a more respectable position in the fashion industry. Jesus Christ.

7 years in the game with three major houses is a big fucking deal. That is far from being a nobody. It’s not like he’s some 21 year old retard kid FIT grad with no real work experience. You think LMVH hires retards to design their clothing? These guys know wtf they’re doing.

Do you know the meaning of the word veteran? And let’s be honest – nobody knew who he was BEFORE Vetements.

Being a veteran doesn’t mean you have to be a popular figure.

Veteran has nothing to do with being popular. I have been trying to make two different points. Talking about points, what is yours?

Do you know the meaning of the word newbie? Just because he wasn’t famous doesn’t mean he wasn’t qualified to do the job. You cannot deny his level of expertise and experience at that point.

What does newbie have to do with the fact that he isn’t a vet? And what does being famous have to do with it? I am not denying anything BUT him being a veteran. Seems you have reading comprehension issues.

Syndicate has mad crazy comprehension issues. dude’s an idiot. very clear what you are saying – 7 years is not a veteran. alexander wang is huge, but not a veteran. what you’re referring to is the karl lagerfelds, the rei kawakubos, the yohji yamamotos, the margielas. someone like raf is now nearing vet status, but again, not necessarily a vet at this point. and he’s been doing it 20 years longer than demna.

demna and his team are just the final team to work under martin margiela at his namesake label before he left in 2009. he had so many teams come and go over the past few decades. he’s the vet. they’re just getting started. @Syndicate still looking for the starting line.

Uh no shit Lagerfeld is a fucking dinosaur, how many designers can you name that still design until the age of 80? Are you aware of how few designers have done 40+ years in this industry?

In an industry where they rotate and toss designers every year, and you got guys like Oliver Rousteing starting when he’s 18, if you can hit 35 and have worked at three major houses, you’re fucking seasoned. You’ve done a tonne of collections and know what you’re doing, you’re a skilled professional. You don’t have to do 40 years to be considered proficient. Stuci acts like these guys were nobody wastemen who weren’t qualified to launch such a label. They had all the skills, experience, and connects required. Without those 7 years of serious industry plugging they would never be able to launch a label with such ease. That is my point.

Honesty I don’t even wear Vetements but I know for a fact if these guys hadn’t done 7 years in the game, and gained all the connects and inner fashion house plugs, they would never be able to pull this off. That’s fact. They’ve been to battle enough times to know wtf they’re doing.

ha Stuci he’s changing the argument and not comprehending yet again. rei and yohji are both close to 80 as well and they’re the vets. look at how much influence they have – and have had for over 40 years. demna was a part of a very successful team but he’s just now starting his own venture and leading design (at balenciaga).

“In an industry where they rotate and toss designers every year, and you got guys like Oliver Rousteing starting when he’s 18, if you can hit 35 and have worked at three major houses, you’re fucking seasoned. You’ve done a tonne of collections and know what you’re doing, you’re a skilled professional.” – never said they not skilled professionals who know what they’re doing. just that they aren’t vets.

“You don’t have to do 40 years to be considered proficient.” – i never said that – demna is definitely proficient. not a vet tho.

“Stuci acts like these guys were nobody wastemen who weren’t qualified to launch such a label.” – no he doesn’t. all he said was they’re not veterans.

We’re arguing over the definition of veterans here. You guys consider 4 out of 150 000 designers worldwide as vets. I consider anybody who’s worked at at least 2-3 houses with 7-10 years experienced a season vet.

If you want to argue true semantics let’s bust out the dictionary for a second so you guys can both shut the fuck up.

“A veteran is a person who has had long service or experience in a particular occupation or field”

So according to you guys, a veteran must have served at least 30-40 years to be considered a veteran. Great, I’m sure most soldiers would love to hear they can only be considered veterans after the age of 60 when they can’t even fight anymore. To be a seasoned vet you only need to do one full year at war. Demna and his team have done 7 long ass fucking years. That’s vet enough for me and vet enough for the English dictionary. FOH

We don’t consider only 4 designers as vets; there’s a shit load out there. It’s just that Demna is not one of them. Period.

I made a peculiar observation – it seems you also lack any skills when it comes to simple math. He started his own label 5 years after his first job, not 7. And you still haven’t answered me – did anyone know who he was before Vetements? Which, by the way, got on the radar because of Kanye.

Another thing – your comparison between soldiers and designers is…well, quite moronic. But it’s coming from you, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised 🙂

P.S. I won’t bother discussing any of your other claims about me acting or saying things that I clearly did not.

I never stated he was famous before Vetements, but I said he was also not a nobody, defining nobody as in some random asshole off the street designing gear like Ian Connor. Ian Connor is a nobody designer in fashion and he was given Pastelle. Demna worked for 3 fuckin houses and was actually good.

Your use of semantics is quite moronic, so moronic I needed to bust the English dictionary on you two shitheads. You somehow believe you are intelligent enough to create your own definition of the word veteran, quite moronic, but it’s coming from you so I’m not surprised.

Demna was plugged in as fuck when he popped this label off and that’s how it happened. If he didn’t have that level of vet credibility shit would have gone nowhere. I’m not arguing symantics with you guys anymore if you refuse to abide by the English dictionary.

Stuci this guy is a canadian loser who thinks he’s some industry insider but he clearly doesn’t know anyone or anything in, around, or related to fashion. prob has never been to new york or paris or tokyo, prob doesn’t own a single margiela or vetements piece, probably drink homo milk out of a bag.

ian connor a loser but he’s not a nobody – doing better than you, Syndicate – like you said he was gifted pastelle and he’s got an actual following (unlike you) and likely made more money these past 2 years than you did your entire life.

you don’t understand anything and need to use the dictionary to help you make sense of the world. that says a lot. text books aint gonna get you far, idiot.

To be honest, I’ve probably travelled much more than you have judging by what you just wrote. It’s not a big deal to visit Tokyo or any of those cities.

I don’t own any Vetements because I personally don’t like the brand but like anybody else on here of course I have a closet full of designer clothes. Maybe you’re pissed because you dropped $1000 on a Vetements sweater and are trying to defend your purchase. I love how you assume I’m nobody and I don’t know squat about fashion, but if I was truly just another HB troll, why are you getting so angry for bruh? If you truly believe I’m nobody, just don’t talk to me then. Why have I gotten so far underneath your skin if you truly believe I’m some ignorant fake ass?

You’re so angry you gotta drag in other random guys and use a throwaway account to support your claims? You seem knowledgeable and probably work as something in the industry, but maybe you’re pissed off because you’re underpaid or want more shine. It’s a common complaint I hear from corporate fashion employees. Did you work retail up to buyer? Did you do a fashion management degree hoping to become a designer but got stuck? You seem knowledgeable too, tell me why I make you so angry if I’m a nobody? Whatever your job in the industry it, it seems to make you mad at others. But instead of simply discussing fashion, you want to get emotional with users like me.

I’m on here critiquing other labels and discussing fashion. You’re on here projecting onto other people, throwing insults, getting all personal. What about me really makes you so angry? I’m just some voice on the internet. If you truly believe you’re more of an expert and all the viewer on here should listen to you instead, you’re free to start a disqus account and join the community. I’m a top upvoted poster in many of the threads for a reason.

I really hope you’re not older than I am because that would make you the bitter old guy.

I would not switch places with Ian Connor right now but it sounds like you would because he’s made more money than you have in your entire life.

hahaha i lied dude im only 17 calm down. only old dudes like you have disqus accounts. never worked in fashion or retail – i’m a senior in hs and am focused on angel investing and real estate. fashion is just a hobby. also, how does me calling out the fact that you’ve never been to the three fashion capitals of the world have anything to do with me travelling or not? for what it’s worth, ive had to add pages to my passport 3 times and have been exec platinum on american since i was 12. regardless, i grew up in manhattan so traveling wasn’t even necessary for me to experience global cultures and fashion and art and music.

i own a bunch of vetements but i didn’t pay for it because i have tons of friends in fashion and retail. having said that, even if i did spend $1,000 on a hoodie, i could give a fuck dude. my daily watch is patek nautilus and is 1 of about 40 in my collection and my new bed cost as much as a grand complication.

regarding ian connor, your logic is so dumb it baffles me. i was just saying he’s done way more than you and relatively speaking is doing great compared to most people his age. just cuz im not a hater like you doesn’t mean i want to be the guy. money is the last thing i want or need. i know youre going to attack me for it, but i could care less – i was extremely lucky to be born into a wealthy family. guess what that means? even if i am as unskilled and untalented as you think, it doesn’t even matter! look at george w bush or donald trump… i might be president one day! thanks, dad!

I’m not gonna comment on you being a trust fund kid because that’s just cliche, I have a lot of seriously rich friends too so I know what that mentality is like. You’re not gonna be president though lol. Btw I’ve been to all of those cities, not a big deal. I’ve had pages added to my passport too big whoop, it’s called business travel which I’ve actually done for real instead of just tagging along with daddy.

If you’re 17 and have never worked in this industry, I don’t have any reason to take anything you say seriously. I wish you had a proper disqus account so I could at least remember to disregard anything you say. I’m not that much older than you also but I started getting heavily involved when i was 18. You’re pretty much just some new york scene kid who thinks because he hangs out and gets free shit he has cred. You kids are the demographic we target and make fun of lol.

Ian Connor is definitely way more famous than me or most people, but he hasn’t actually done more work than I have, he doesn’t even have a portfolio. Without going into too much detail about my identity I’m an actual professional who’s had to provide real deliverables every quarter. Ian Connor was given Pastelle and couldn’t even make it with that, total embarrassment. Ian Connor is also gross as fuck and two sexual assault charges. I aint envious of any of that shit, gross.

if you’re so talented and have so many deliverables quarter after quarter, why don’t you point us to just ONE of your hypebeast features. don’t need to say who you are or how you were involved, just something you’ve actually been a part of.

obviously i won’t be president i was kidding. why would you ever want that job.

I would but I don’t want to get fired for arguing with 17 year old trolls on here. Straight up though I showed my team these posts today and they were dying laughing, especially at you because you’re the perfect customer. Thank you for supporting our brands.

Ontop of that, even if I showed you there’s no way in hell you’d believe me. You don’t have to believe me, I really don’t care lol. How about I be fair and drop you a hint in the comments next time we’re featured on here though. I’ll do that just for you. I’ll say maple syrup or something in the comments and you’ll know it was me.

You gotta be dumb to think that it’s only 17 year old kids and trolls on here, that’s you projecting. That is definitely the majority but I’ve fully argued with Bobby Hundreds, Mega, and Josh from CLSC on here before. It’s mostly for the customers but there’s other serious industry guys on here too. Open your eyes for a second.

“I would but I don’t want to get fired for arguing with 17 year old trolls on here. Straight up though I showed my team these posts today…”

“I’ve fully argued with Bobby Hundreds, Mega, and Josh from CLSC on here before.”


He’s had 7 years in the game. You’re not going to find designers launching new labels with more work experience than that, minus Rick. Wang literally dropped out of Parsons and started his label when he was barely 22. What does fame have to do with it? You’re the one who’s saying he’s a nobody. Working for 3 major houses and graduating from Antwerp does not make you a nobody. It seems you are illiterate, I probably have the strongest reading comprehension out of all the uneducated shitheads on here.

You want my exact definition of seasoned vet? He’s worked 7 years, that’s minimum 14 seasons with probably 50+ seperate collections at 3 different companies including the two he’s split right now. That is a case and point veteran.

After you learn proper command of the English language and understand what the word veteran means, may you address me. Until then, you’re just beneath Stuci and everybody else because they at least were original enough to form their own argument. FOH

yeah Syndicate a real loser – him and some other idiot write fucking novels in the comments section on all the anti social posts

Lol what does that make you then, the dude who comments on the losers with a throwaway account? You’re subhuman garbage

“I don’t hate this brand and neither should you”

When people phrase themselves like this I know for a fact that you’re a cunt

is Syndicate the most hated loser in the hb comments section?

I’m probably becoming the most hated, but I will also argue that we’re all fucking losers for spending time commenting on this shit

nope, just you.

No, the fact you even took time to comment on that makes you a loser too. At least I own up to how whack commenting on HB is lol.



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