Syndicate Responds to: SSENSE Enlists Nick Knight to Capture ALYX’s 2017 Spring Video Lookbook


This was a pretty pretentious fashion film and it didn’t entice me to like Alyx.

This was a pretty pretentious fashion film and it didn’t entice me to like Alyx.

You successfully proved with this comment that hype beast commenters have no real taste

I don’t speak on behalf of all HB commentors, I speak on behalf of myself. Can I ask who you are with your amazing taste in fashion films?

Nobody important as they wouldn’t waste their time here. Of course you didn’t speak on behalf of everyone, but your opinion confirms the way the majority of commenters think. I was not expecting this post to pick up any traction regardless of whether the film was good or not because as much as the folks here like ‘fashion’ they rarely know how to comment on real artistry. I also expected to see a negative/confused in the comments and bam.

There’s a few actual industry heads on here. The rest are 12 year old kids. The 12 year old kids aren’t educated enough to form real opinions, but are open to being educated and guided towards what good and bad taste is. Can I ask you what your credentials art that make you qualified to comment on real artistry and fashion? What do you currently do for a living?

From an art standpoint the film was cool, but from an fashion film standpoint it didn’t do much for me. Good fashion films should have a narrative, adequately display the clothes, and bring in some unique creative elements as well. Good fashion films should have balance. This film was definitely creative but I felt it lacked in the other areas thus making it feel like a pretentious attempt at Alyx trying to raise it’s own artistic credibility.

This film is two minutes of 3M materal montage motorcycle riding cut in with some weird nude textures and absolutely no images of the clothing. If there wasn’t an Alyx logo slapped on this I would have absolutely no idea it had anything to do with the brand. It gave me a feel at best but even that felt poorly delivered. It feels like Matthew Williams just wanted to fux with Nick Knight and let him run the penis train on his brand with no input.

There’s a reason people upvote me on here, it’s because I look at these things critically and don’t just troll people. I’m just articulating what everybody else is feeling.

You can’t tell me people actually pay attention to the feedback in the comment section, otherwise we would not see what these brands continue to put out. How many enigmatic fashion films have you seen..? I agree with you in a practical sense, this doesn’t do enough for Alyx… If Alyx was trying to appeal to Hypebeast consumers, which he clearly isn’t. HB only links this in order to try and improve the diversity of their content and because MW is a Kanye associate. Unfortunately for MW the catch 22 is that he’s not able to find a unique lane because of this. You know Vogue gulps at the crossover ability.

My point is that the consumers of this site do not come here to comment on artistry. You said it for me, ‘I’m just articulating what everybody else is feeling’. Why do you think I singled you out?
I still value reading your opinion, though the amount of time you spend critiquing the news here is a little concerning. If you really want to know what I do you can email the address I gave you a few weeks back.

People on HB typically read the main article, which is biased via the editor, then they read the unfiltered comments. It’s the true voice of the internet outside of what editors let slide through. I’m aware 90% of all comments online are negative but the criticisms are still real. Brands will continue to put content on here because it’s maintains their relevance. The more negative feedback they get, the more hype it is. I’ve actually hyped up some brands I don’t even support by even commenting, but usually attemping to educate viewers on the truth rather than just troll people like everybody else.

I read HB everyday as a news source so I comment on anything of interest. Sometimes it’s a lot, sometimes it’ s not. Oh you’re that guy who told me to email you. I remember you. I asked you if you wanted to discuss something though you didn’t reply. is you right, Check your email

That is a terrible model. Half the brands on here don’t survive past two years and get roasted in the comment section. No brand succeeds over a lasting period by making shitty items to maintain relevance. ASSC will not be around in 4 years. Over the last year I’ve been considering how much influence HB commenters actually wield because we just keep seeing the same shit.

I’m aware the model itself is flawed but there’s hype bs streetwear and there’s the real world of fashion. Consider them hit single brands, it occurs in all areas of art and music. I know ASSC is probably going to be dead by next year, I’ve argued with enough kids on here who are convinced it’s gonna last forever or some shit haha.

The last year for streetwear has been absolutely terrible, with VLone, ASSC, FOG being the highlight which doesn’t say much. The younger kids don’t know better, the older kids diss it like crazy.

Btw I actually emailed you, if you’re not gonna reply you may as well state what you do here. I’m just curious if you hold an important title or not, I’ve met some pretty high ranked people who browse this site.

Yup, certainly has been a bad year. Didn’t get anything from yesterday, check the address.



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