Syndicate Responds to : Jerry Lorenzo Discusses His Path to Launching Fear of God


Read the interview, totally surprised he was actually willing to admit the fabric quality in season 1 was trash lol. I still think he’s a C rated designer but at least he doesn’t claim to be a visionary of any sort, just another dude trying to make a buck for his family.

Love internet trolls with zero verifiable successes trying to minimize another man’s vision/ work ethic. The irony is….you’re reading an article about him and not vice versa. Lol go ahead…call me names and hate….

I think you might wanna read his comment again..

Perhaps you should. Thinly-veiled respect followed by hate.

Perhaps you should shut your ass up. You know no man on here and what they have going on! Your statements are sus as shit!

He has been a pretty C designer though. Still on skinny jeans.

Classic “you’re not doing x so you’re not allowed to have an opinion on x” bullshit reasoning.

Instead of addressing his point about why you think Jerry is not a C rated designer, etc. you choose to do the very thing you just called OP out for – calling him a name.

You’re butt hurt at an opinion on the internet – reevaluate your life.

Thank you for acknowledging the stupidest logic known to hypebeast comments section, that shit needs to die.

Just waiting on spicer at the press conference to say “youve never been president, so you dont know shit about politics.”

MD assumes a lot of shit, I actually do work in this industry, and MD claims he doesn’t. He shouldn’t be telling me to shut up if he’s 1.) never been posted on this blog, 2.) doesn’t work in streetwear/fashion/music. He’s just an angry old fanboy cuz he’s a sideliner at his age.

get me in the job in the industry n(we are all one race)igga

email me your resume and portfolio, you actually gotta be qualified though or else everybody i work with is gonna tell me to fuck off lol

ugh, I probably don’t qualify. I’m assuming you need at least a bachelors degree or some background in fashion and I don’t have either. Sad!

Nah, we don’t rate you on credentials, we rate you on portfolio only. So if you didn’t go to school and you have no portfolio either then you’re kind of shit out of luck. If you didn’t go to school and have a fire portfolio, you can still get in. If you have zero value to add to the fashion industry in general, either start working somewhere to get experience or you’re probably working towards the wrong industry lol.

I’m not a troll. I’m a critic. You’re a troll because you come on here to argue with children, and never talk about the clothes. Look at your latest post, insulting me instead of discussing the actual clothing critique. Fuckin Loser.

Love talking to the internet troll MD with zero verifiable successes save for trying to stunt on 12 year old kids with imgur pics of his watches, trying to minimize the legitimacy of another anonymous posters comment which is even more sad. I read articles about every brand as I actually work in this industry and work with some of these people, recently including some of Kanye’s team believe it or not. You’re just a Jerry Lorenzo Kanye Stan. Names called.


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