Syndicate Responds to : iLoveMakonnen Claims Drake Threatened to Jump Him & That Being in OVO “Was Like Prison


Read the interview, goddamn Makonnen can ramble like a mofo. Now that Drake’s career is slowly winding down, all the people he did dirty are free to take shots at him now. Don’t burn people on the way up because you’ll see them on the way down, and they’ll open diss you on Fader.

Nobody gives a shit that Makonnen is gay, so is Frank Ocean. Difference is Frank Ocean consistently releases amazing albums. We are not judging you on your sexual orientation, we are judging you on your job performance, which is lacking.

It would be sad to see Makonnen go under as a one hit wonder, but that’s kind of what happens when you make two sick tracks and ride the media-drama wave as long as you can. This might be the last post we hear from him.

I agree with what you’re saying…except that drake’s career is winding down, fan or not he is KILLING it right now. Did you see how many streams he just did last week? how can you say his career is winding down when its the highest its ever been

I agree. He sold over 500,000 last week, I think more than half of which were physical sales. He’s not letting up anytime soon

Yo check your sources, that’s actually BS. The article you’re quoting off HiphopDX is quoting off Hits Dailydouble Rumourmill. Don’t believe everything you read.

Drake hasn’t had a critically acclaimed album since NWTS, read the reviews on any blog or magazine. He’s on his way down, streams don’t mean shit those aren’t paid album sales or ticket revenue.

You really have no idea what you’re talking about, its pretty funny.

Please educate me if I’m wrong and provide sources regarding how much money his streams are making him, with financial proof. And show me how many critics actually said Views or More Life were better than NWTS which he didn’t even write.

It’s not my job to teach your ignorant ass about how streams generate revenue or the process by which albums and songs are submitted to the Grammys. I’m just going to laugh at you spewing your nonsense.

You seem to be really focused on what critics say which Drake doesn’t need to give a shit about. The most popular rapper worldwide doesn’t lose any sleep over some failed ass musicians opinion aka that of critics/bloggers.

Firstly, a quote from Time Magazine because you’re a moron who believes everything he reads and even worse clearly reads the wrong information

Time Magazine:
9. Drake / Hold On, We’re Going Home /47.1 million streams / $283,000 – $396,000
Note that these are the total royalty payments split between record labels, music publishers, songwriters and artists. It’s not clear exactly how much money goes to artists, but in older distribution formats, like CDs and iTunes downloads, artists often pocketed less than 10 percent of the retail price. The picture is obviously not as rosy as these numbers would indicate for smaller acts. Spotify says a band with a “niche indie album” generated $3,300 in royalty payments in July, while a classic rock album earned $17,000.

Yeah buddy $30K Drake is making a killing off Spotify on his best song, Moron.

Only a dumbass goes around telling people they have no idea what they’re talking about, then refuses to back that up with any evidence. It’s because you’re probably 12 and don’t know shit. FOH.

Secondly, your weak ass opinion on what Drake loses sleep over just tells me you’re a Drake Stan who probably buys front row tickets so he can sweat on you and bless you with his 6God juices. Loser lol. You’ve never met Drake in your life or dealt with him, what do you know about what he does and doesn’t give a shit about? Drake recently stated in More Life that he loses sleep over what the critics are gonna say next online. Some fan you are.

Fuck what the critics say man… Drake has been milking it hard these last two years. Turn on the radio and you’re bound to hear his songs played everywhere. Do you know how much money he’s earning from all those royalties?

Doesn’t matter if his songs are not as good or that he doesn’t write them. People have been listening and that means more profit.

K dude,

1.) The critics say the last few albums were whack. As I stated above, he has not been a killer since NWTS, which he allegedly didn’t even write himself.
2.) Nobody makes any friggin money on radio royalties man, jesus christ it’s not the 1980’s anymore lol. He makes killer bank off touring but that doesn’t make him the hip-hop jesus he was once. Back Street Boys can still sell out O2 Arena, that doesn’t mean they’re cutting edge influencers anymore. Drakes washing up artistically right now.
3.) Your last statement is everything that is wrong with hiphop lol. He doesn’t write his own shit, yes the songs are good but in hip-hop nobody worships ghost writers. Running through the six is about zone six Atlanta man, do you know how inauthentic that is to Torontonians? Cool your jets.

Disagree with you here. More life has 84/100 on Metacritic and that’s not even an album. Agreed that no one is making money from streams or radio spins but when you can sell out shows at O2 January 30, February 1, 2, 4, 5, 14, 15, and March 20 for example – your career isn’t winding down and the $$ he is pulling from the gate is ridiculous.

Craig David and Kiss are selling out 02 Arena multiple dates this month too, and they’re old as shit. I’m not saying Drake isn’t making money, all these artists are still touring even if they’re dinosaurs. I”m saying he’s peaked, he’s slowly losing it and the critics know it.

I will humour you and use Metacritic as the source for data, despite the fact I’m sure you don’t even read half of those magazines for your rap criticism (The 405, Pretty Much Amazing, PopMatters?). NWTS is still better reviewed by a solid 10-15%. And NWTS has 30% more review data as well which means it has already been judged more harshly.

NWTS, Entertainment Weekly 100, NY Times, 90, Pitchfork 86 (-24%)
More Life Consequence of Sound 91, NY Times 80, Pitchfork 78, (-51%)

Drake has artistically peaked and is winding down when NY Times and Pitchfork give you a 10-8% worse review than your most acclaimed album, don’t even get me started on Views or any of the other shit tapes he’s put out. (Views 69%, user score 5.7)

I am a Drake fan myself, I’m just trying to educate younger viewers to not believe all the stats they read and question the sources that provide the data. If you’re using Metacritic to evaluate albums, actually look at the magazines contributing to that data. I’m not even going to get into the issue of paid positive review posts as I’m only using the data from the largest most credible music publications.


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