Syndicate Responds to: ALYX’s 2017 Spring/Summer Offerings Are Available Now


This shit is so basic man. This is worse than what most first year fashion students would drop as their first collection. Basic as fuck, no complexity, not well thought out. That is why even with a Virgil and Kanye cosign, this brand still sucks balls and isn’t getting the traction it needs to be big. The proof is in the pudding and the pudding tastes like shit. Who cares if you were Lady Gaga’s director, that doesn’t make you a legit designer. 4.8/10

Just follow the steps my man. Nobody is caring about progression, creativity and concepts. Everybody out there to steal, lie and put their name on the map. A german magazine who also creative director of the arguably the hippest store in North America SSENSE backing up these hipsters from Day 1. And now this brand pushing a techno logo basic tee which made famous by the exact magazines fashion director, who happens to be stylist of this brands latest campaign. This brand is NOT out there to put design or creativity. This brand is out there to make individuals famous and put their names and faces on the map. Not create any stuff. Just to remind people have to memorise their names.

I am aware there is a huge component of connection finesse and marketing BS to make it as a brand, but look at the difference between Off White and Alyx. When Off White launched it did well, when Alyx launched it was just an afterthought. It’s cuz Off White had more substance (but only marginally more) all these brands are kinda half assed to be honest

But the thing you don’t understand is Off White is a brand at least wants to put some design out there. Alyx is a couple who wants to be famous. They have absolutely nothing to do with design or clothes. They want to sit at the front line, they want to appear on the magazines and they want people to know their names. So there is a huge difference. When you think about Alyx they collaborated with Hiroshi Fujiwara and Nick Knight, in just 2 months is this makes sense? No. Why they did this? Because they want to be relevant. So this brand is working for identities not putting designs out.

Oh I’m aware they’re half assed designers who only care about being famous, but honestly a good chunk of the amateur brand owners behave this way until they fall off.

minimal doesn’t mean basic, minimal is something lots of people want so your parameters for failure are another mans success

I am very familiar with minimalism and this is not minimalism, this is just them being lazy shitty designers. They can’t even play this off as being minimal, look at the rest of their collections. Minimalism does not give you an excuse to have a lack of original ideas.

well your’e entitled to your opinion even if no on cares

lol when you can get a single upvote for anything youve said on this post holler at me

bahaha that comment killed me, here’s and L for thinking hypbeats upvotes means anything lmao XD

lol quit embarassing yourself because you can’t even get anybody to listen to your whiney ass opinion, not even in the land of trolls. here’s an L for even commenting on here and still failing at it.

that’s difference between me and you, i dont need validation from strangers on hypebeast

Neither do I but you clearly care about your opinion being heard because you post on here in the first place. Or else you wouldn’t post at all. Difference between me and you is that nobody agrees with you lol. Go back to middle school kid and take a logic class while you’re at it.

yeah sure, i totally 100% believe you, and i lol’d hard at logic class, that was funny


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