Syndicate Responds to: Heron Preston Makes His Ready-To-Wear Debut With 2017 Fall/Winter Collection


I feel Heron put effort into this but it’s still not ground breaking enough to really crack through. I think this is gonna get a lot of press but I don’t think anybody is really gonna wear it. Off White is the only Kanye cosigned brand to really do well and it’s because Virgil has really worked in streetwear for a long time.

off white sucks

Agreed. Except with that Virgil has not worked in streetwear for a long time…depending on your definition of ‘a long time’

He ran RSVP gallery, did he Pyrex, then Been Trill, he did quite a few things as a legit industry guy. It’s not he just dabbled then jumped right in like Heron, Heron kinda just worked at Nike then jumped on the Been Trill train

Dont make pyrex seem like anything. Dude screenprinted gym shorts for a minute.

Been Trill was a fucking abortion. Virgil is the worst dude working in the industry.

The only reason he was able to make Pyrex pop off was because RSVP gallery was super legit. I know the product was whack but he built the back end to push it, which any ordinary person did not have in their arsenal.

Been Trill was cool then they cashed out and sold it to Pacsun, pretty smart actually so he could move up the ladder. It was all stepping stones to him. Then Off White was overall good, definitely not a groundbreaking runway designer but he helped elevate the fashion reputation of black American designers in Europe, if not marginally.

Virgil is not the worst dude in the industry. To me, Ian Connor, Asap Bari’s Vlone, and Neek Lurk are the three worst dudes in the industry right now lol. At least Virgil produces something real

Virgil produces something real? Man are you for real? From Off White’s latest collection Mohair sweaters are the exact same made by Hiroshi back in a day which inspired by Malcolm McLaren. The checkered pattern is obviously Vans pattern but as Vans mentioned many times the pattern inspired by Ska culture. The whole same colour denimesque tracksuit became the Junya Watanabe’s signature season after season. And shoulder cut dress is Alaia’s signature cut from 80’s. Can be found in any fashion magazine for the last 30 years. The hand and eye thing is stolen from Undercover’s iconic zip jacket. Motherfucker stole the exact design of Jun’s. Can go all night and day long. Come on man how can you tell someone real who steal concepts which are very well known and represent them as a fashion show? Virgil Just lies about everything and steal everything to put your name on the map. Not even the fashion world. The music world hates him as well. Recently he told Benji B is the Wintour of music industry and he got his ass kicked because Benji is his friend and provides music to him. What about guys like Gilles Peterson? Pushing this music in BBC for almost 30 years? Or a guy like Goldie? Pushing this music in the clublands for the last 25 years? Virgil is the worst dude working in the industry by far. Thief, lier motherfucker. I don’t want to write no more because I’m afraid he may come here and even steal from our efforts and comments.

You’re the guy who double posted this from the Off White comment section from yesterday.

Listen, I’m not a Virgil fanboy nor do I own any of his pieces. My argument is that out of all the Kanye testicles, Heron and Matthew Williams are not the chosen ones. Off White was the brand that was barely able to jump the bar partially because of his experience in the industry, and also because he was the first one to do it, even before Kanye launched his label. And since he was barely able to jump the bar, anybody coming after him including all three of those guys weren’t able to do it like him.

And yes I’m aware everybody steals but fashion is a cycle, that’s just what happens. Some designers can steal more creatively than others. Virgil will never be remembered as a McQueen so you don’t need to get upset, nobody legitimately thinks he’s that dope. Especially not on here.

Yes because can’t write it again and again to everywhere. Since it’s mine I have the right to carry it anywhere I want.

Listen. You may not be a Virgil fanboy and I agree with you about Heron and Matthew Williams are also other kinds of rubbish. Matthew pushed by Germany and Moscow a lot because of the Yeezy connections. Heron is just abomination of something don’t even bother to think about.

But you are legitimizing the thief here. Let’s go back to Pyrex era. He stole from one of the most important figures of 17th century. And put a Caravaggio painting to Pyrex then Off White again. The motherfucker stole the image but the meaning or knowledge behind it? Absolutely not. Right here I’m absolutely disagree with you.

Caravaggio is an artist who examined by great directors such as Derek Jarman. Now be honest if you ask Virgil about his knowledge about Caravaggio what he will have to say? Uhm he lit man. He is super lit. I can design a Caravaggio painting you know what I’m sayin? Now you are giving credit to a motherfuckin thief whom he doesn’t have any knowledge about what he is stealing. He is stealin it because it may look nice on a t shirt. You are saying this is OK because he has a experience in the industry?

One question? Please come up with anybody besides Virgil whom tucked his Supreme t shirt to his pants? This kind of industry experience you are talking about? Virgil has no experience in industry according to me. He doesn’t know about brand ID’s or creativity. He just a snichin and stealin motherfucker.

And everybody isn’t stealin. Jun is Jun The Punk Takahashi for 20 years. Nakamura is the Americana Hiroki for the last 20 years. Michele is making great things in Gucci for the couple of years. Rei Kawabuko is the same artist for the last 30 years.

And individuals can always have a legit conversation about those designers because the conversation is always about their current creativity. Nobody thinks they steal from another creative mind. But Virgil man. Always snitchin, stealing motherfucker everybody should hate.

Off white was pretty trash in the beginning, it’s only popping off now because he has a team of designers doing all the work. This is on par with the beginings of off white

Man you really got it in for Virgil lol. Have you worked with him personally or something.

Your comment is cool and all but its an unfair judgement at the same time…

You have to realize that Off-white is still very new. If the brand can last 20-30 years (like the designers that you named) and you still see the same shit then maybe your comment sticks…but not this early

From what Pyrex/Off-white was, you can’t deny that as a whole there has definitely been growth.

Maybe he’s just taking from shit that either inspired him or he feels some sort of connection to, I have no problem with that at all. If I’m copping from a brand….I’d like to see that idk maybe that’s just me.

I’m not gonna hate on a brand for grabbing references from the 70’s,80’s,90’s wherever…interpreting that shit and putting it out today – just not gonna do it lol
especially when it’s been done before/during/after Virgil’s existence

it’s pointless to compare Veterans to Rookies even if you’re in the same league lol experienced Vets move different after a while

IMO though

i would barely call ian connor in the industry tbh dude is a glorified social media figure, good comment tho

yeah i know he’s not a designer but he is a model, and a shitty model at that haha

hang on we’re forgetting about his new venture “revenge x storm” in which he sells vans thru a website designed by a fourteen year old 💀

my bad b, i forgot


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