Syndicate Responds to: Here’s Your First Look of The Hundreds Red Letter 2017 Spring/Summer Collection


Hundreds has lost touch and is now dead with the rest of the brands from the golden age of streetwear. I still appreciate Bobby’s blog, although I haven’t read any breakthrough industry shattering content on it recently. I’ve probably said more real shit and blown more whistles in the last 6 months on here than he has, and I’m not nearly as plugged in.

Hundreds never really managed to develop it’s own unique aesthetic and sort of blended in with the rest of the early 2000’s era streetwear brands selling the same graphic t-shirts and hoodies. Supreme and Stussy could get away with this because they’re they pioneered the genres for but for all the late comers who came to cash out on the printed graphic streetwear craze, 2017 is the year their weaknesses are exposed.

A brand with no real identity, hopping from trend to trend, unsure what the kids want. No lead designer as a visionary and unsure who to hire next to steer the brand back in a good direction. RIP Hundreds. Even Represent UK is more relevant now and their brand stands for even less.

are you kidding me? Hundreds has been around for like 13 years and managed to stay in business while all these other fucking brands disappear within a year. its a fucking culture not a fad like many of the brands you probably follow. the hundreds pioneered modern streetwear by blasting the culture to the world via the blog. how many other brands have you seen have an impact like that?

just goes to show how much you still need to learn. step ya game up.

legacy is great especially with these streetwear brands (which in itself is hype driven) but he is right, hundreds is dead, no identity results in saturation and sales decline. people are moving on to the next best thing and it isnt hundreds anymore

Lol I don’t follow any brands whatsoever that disappear in a year, unlike you. You must be a serious trend follower. Streetwear is a culture but these products suck, nuff said. There are plenty of other brands with a sick culture and sick products too. The Hundreds did not pioneer modern streetwear, they only cashed out on it and if they truly pioneered it why can’t they stay relevant?

And how many other brands have I seen make an impact like that? Every single urahara brand, stussy, bape, supreme, even palace, hba, ktz, fuck man even Tim Coppens is gonna out last these fools this year because he makes not-half assed products for us to wear. Clothing design at Hundreds is a fucking afterthought and all the customers feel betrayed that they’re selling us this TJ Maxx Garbage.

When you learn a single thing about streetwear, come back and reply, but judging by how many people don’t agree with you, I know you don’t know squat. Sit down kid.

Well said.


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