Syndicate Responds to: Brain Dead’s Kyle Ng Sheds Light on How to Build a Time-Honored Brand


This kid has had two brands that have failed already, and HB is shoving his third brand down our throat when I’m not convinced anybody is actually buying it. He’s in like 2 stockists. Time honoured brand my ass, how about surviving year 1 of your third label.

Neek just made like $2m in ecom sales and bought a McLaren, if anything we should be interviewing that guy on how to make $2m in sales. He can retire now.

What the hell are you talking about? If you familiar with the brand, it actually stocked in many places. Plus they’re on their fifth drop, meaning the brand already around at least 2 years. Neek hit the jackpot with assc, but these guys are way better than assc, lame ass brand with no effort.

Correction, they’re stocked in like 5-6 places lmao. At $2000 a store MOQ order, that’s about $12k in revenue or less. Still nothing to get excited over, most of these stores are just stocking it because it’s featured on HB and they want the hype stamp. Braindead is better designed than ASSC but ASSC is more authentic because Neek didn’t need 20 HB posts to validate the authenticity of his label.

We shouldnt celebrate neek just because his brand is making money. It is so objectively bad, and neek does not have a single intellectual bone in his body. He is cashing in on young consumers who dont know what “quality” means, and have no frame of reference. If you just sent ASSC’s customers to a undergrad art show, they would see that there are millions of people making better things in every sense of the word.

You have to have a balance between success and meaning. ASSC has no meaning.

Correction, we should celebrate Neek because not only is he financially successful enough to sustain his label season after season and not go bankrupt (cough), but also has tremendous social capital to be able to pull off a label. Neek as an individual is so hype due to his Nike talk days, working at Stussy etc, he was able to launch an entire label of badly designed goods solely off his name. He even states in his interviews this entire thing was an accident, he doesn’t claim to be some new generation visionary. He never claims to be anything he’s not, he’s incredibly honest, and certainly doesn’t preach on how to be “timeless”. Neek merch is no different from Kanye merch. Both of them are not good fashion designers, but this isn’t about real fashion, this is printed streetwear.

You can send a group of ASSC fans to a student art show and they won’t buy shit because all of those kids haven’t earned any social or cultural capital at all. They’re culturally bankrupt until they do something of relevance worth purchasing.

Braindead claims to be something they’re not, and lacks integrity and sales. Neek admits his label is a complete accident, has an insane cult following, and made enough money to sustain it. Who really won here? The kid driving the McLaren, customers vote with their dollars and aren’t as stupid as you think. Go read some Bourdieu and call me back.

PS: I don’t hate you Kyle, but the media is painting you as something you know you are not.

dude assc is trash. deserves no respect. not a single interesting piece of design.

You are so wrong. This has nothing to do with fashion. It has to do with quality product, and ASSC is trash painted gold. Exploiting social capital to sell trash is not admirable. And Im not sure how much neek “earned”, ive heard his family is rich and they helped him get started.

Kanye’s merch is equally trash. As is Travis Scott’s. We shouldnt be buying or celebrating any of it. There is no shortage of new stuff pumped out by capitalism, and we need to stop focusing on whats popular, and start focusing on what should actually be made.

But it seems that all you value is the accumulation of money. Success =/= Good. Neek may have lots of cash, but he did nothing to properly deserve it besides tricking some people into buying his crappy goods because he also sold them an “aesthetic”. Customers are absolutely as dumb as I think.

Alright first of all, I do not only value money. I work in this industry for god’s sake, I appreciate incredible designers more than 99% of the population. I am discussing Neek’s financial success because the reality of running brands is if you are not financially sustainable, it does not matter how dope your designs are. Customers vote with their dollars. Kyle should not be labeled as a timeless brand when he’s barely survived this long, look at the objective facts. Neek has reached sustainability and that’s fact. Btw Supreme exploits their social capital to sell garbage too, do you hate them as well? Every brand exploits their social capital, do you know how pretentious most European legacy houses are?

Regarding Neek: He’s not winning on design. Neither is Kanye, or Travis. He’s winning on the fact that he was a forum god. He worked hard to become internet famous. Kanye and Travis worked hard to be famous. They earned their social capital one way or another, and you can’t knock these guys for expressing themselves with tour merch. Metal bands have been doing it since before these guys ripped them off. It sustains their art form, stop knocking another man’s meal. Neek’s mom died and gave him a life insurance pay out that was barely worth anything, is that something you’re really envious of? Do your research. He’s an orphan, you sad fuck.

Also, who the hell are you to define what “should actually be made”. You know what should be made? What people want to buy. If people want to buy Pablo longsleeves for $100 cause they love Kanye, so be it. Not every brand is gonna be like Acronym where it’s insanely well designed and constructed, not everybody even wants to wear that type of shit. Most of the population just wants a pablo t-shirt and to call it a day. Understand the mentality of most people.

I used to think like you and believe merch is hot trash and believe only godly labels like Yohji or McQueen deserve any shine. Fashion house labels are dope, but I also evaluate brands for what category they are in. Neek is a hype printed streetwear merch brand. Kyle’s is slightly better but he has yet to fully prove himself. You need to learn to appreciate all labels for what they are, not for what you think they should be.

Wow you really know your stuff! I’m sure that with your knowledge you have a thriving brand that is not only unique but featured on hypebeast.

Go suck Neeks dick you fucking loser. Fuck you are a lame, poor, dumb ass. An embarrassment to industry and creative types. Fucking shitty middle man fuck up. I repeat, go sucks neeks dick

Lol is this somebody’s throwaway account? I think I made them angry! I don’t really like Neek’s label either, just I’m aware Neek made more money this year so I think we should be interviewing him more.

Great ! You pocket watching dumbass .
You should know this …
Whoever pays gets interviewed dumb ass . You would get featured too Syndicate… you can have your own column exposing the industry . Just email and make the connection and pay . Quit being a Communist socialist cuck . You should know this is how it works .

You can use your regular account if you want, I only have one account on here. There’s nothing communist about what I write, I assure you. I’m aware HB charges $5k a post, I’m not actually sure if Kyle is paying for these posts or if he’s friends with the HB staff and he’s just part of their clique. You need to go confirm their pricing for yourself because you’re making a lot of assumptions.

If you actually knew how HB works behind the scenes you’d know that. I’ve spoken directly with their staff before regarding this, they repost shit too if it brings hits. Kyle is not paying for all of it, I just found the headline really dumb. I actually was interviewed for another blog yesterday regarding a public criticism I made in my city, fashion related that is.

just cause hes on his 5th drop doesn’t mean hes successful nor getting the attention he needs – dude can just give out clothes/ have loads of clothes stocked up in his house lol. i honestly dont find anything nice about this dude brand


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