Syndicate Responds to: Brain Dead Details New Record Label and Says It’s “Not a Fashion Brand”


I think it’s cool that they’re branching out into music to give their t-shirt and hat brand more substance. This may also stem from the sudden realization that t-shirt and hat brands are rapidly dying, and if you’re not down to step up to the plate and design actual clothing, you’re going to be swept under the rug by the end of the quarter. Solution? Start a vanity record label, except nobody on the team is actually a muscian.

I’m aware Hypebeast likes to do interviews about people creating the culture which I understand. But for any of the less informed readers on this site, this a vanity music project. Look at the statistics for music purchasing, nobody buys tapes or vinyl anymore. Not even Kanye sells tapes or vinyl. Nobody is actually going to buy any of these tapes (who even owns a tape player anymore?) and none of the artist they “signed” received any kind of cash bonus to go tour and promote their music, nor a decent distribution cut or royalties for the music they released.

This is why they have a Soundcloud page with 147 followers. Because nobody actually listens to this shit or takes it seriously as a music platform. It’s actually less about the artists they’re promoting and more about the fact that they’re using the tape thing as a gimmick to give their brand a cool feel. It’s a bit culture vulturey onto the whole retro aesthetic.

Great input my brother.

thanks, just trying to debunk this so the younger kids on here don’t think selling cassette tapes is the way to make a brand pop

We hate LA poseurs like this guy! Cant wait till he grows up to be the next ‘Drew Bernstein”

Seriously. This is, what, at least the 9th article on this t-shirt brand from Hypebeast? I wonder how many bigger, smaller, and more worthy brands (both music labels and fashion labels) have been ignored because of HB’s obsession with Brandead/Supreme/Off-White/Gosha/Vetements/Palace/FoG. Even CDG and Patta get less press than these t-shirt brands.

Yo the honest to god truth is, there are so many brands out there making millions right now that never ever even touch this blog. I work with some of them first hand, and that’s why when I see stuff like this I know it’s all bullshit smoke and mirrors. Nobody is buying those tapes ,and they’re not making any real cash off it. These guys have done 3 labels now because they only know how to hype shit and not actually how to scale or run a real business properly. That’s why these guys are barely stocked anywhere other than one or two super hype retailers and their previous brands all went under.


Supreme is a real brand, Off White actually makes money, Palace actually makes money, FOG still manages to sell somehow. Braindead, probably not though. They don’t got a major celebrity cosign and they’re not doing runway to gain the credibility. That’s why to me I’m not bothered if they get press on here or not because press does not equal sustainability.

I’m sure CDG does not give a shit if they’re featured on HB or not because their flagships are raking in $50m+ a year and they’re laughing all the way to the bank. HB is not the financial times of streetwear, it’s the financial times of what is hype right now and that’s it. See through the illusion my broski.

“press does not equal sustainability” WORDDDDDD.


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