Syndicate Whistleblows: Anti Social Social Club Teases a Modernica Collaboration


neek built zero manufacturing back end for his business other than screenprinting OEM blanks so until he actually can do something other than a one colour print, he’s gotta keep logo slapping shit like this. man preaches about how knowledgeable he is about getting a tax write off for his suvs but can’t even ship a gildan t-shirt with thousands of complaints.

Did you see his Instagram post apologizing for the (months late) shipping? It appears that he basically tried to sell way more products than he A. Had in stock and B. Had the capacity to ship. How are you still fulfilling orders from months ago? That’s just business 101 don’t sell products to consumers in numbers you don’t have the infrastructure to facilitate.

The funniest thing is that he obviously sold product he didn’t had and then instead of spending that forward on the infrustructure he just goes out and buys a shit ton of luxury cars. He basically got over on everyone who tried to buy any of his webshop shit.

It’s hard for me to understand why more reputable brands would even work with him. Seems like too big a risk to be associated with someone who conducts business like that, regardless of the hype.

From what I’ve heard, basically he opens his webstores floodgates for 48 hours. Takes as many orders as he can, then from that point he starts printing. He doesn’t print any of it in advance or does a smaller number. That’s why it takes so long to ship, because you’re essentially pre-ordering which is smart. Also saves him from having to throw down $20k in inventory even before he knows how many he’ll sell. Shit customer service but it saves him money. It’s bad business but if he can keep that up without going bankrupt then he’s beaten the odds heavily.

Two, reputable brands work with him because he was the most hype brand of 2016 and he was able to move hella units. Fashion brands need to make money too, the only real sell out brand that year was MMJ, the rest of them like Undefeated, RSVP gallery etc aren’t so prestigious. MMJ collabed with FOG for god’s sake.

Sort of like drop shipping. It’s extrmemely smart I’m sure he learned a thing or two managing at stussy

The best way to describe it is he more or less forces you to pre-order without you agreeing to that, but by now I think everybody is aware it can take forever to get their pieces. If he can continue to keep this up that’s pretty incredible but my experience with most customers is if you treat them bad enough, the second a more hype label with better customer service rolls up you’re dead

yeah like at the end of the day it’s whatever, there are guys like jordan belfort out there. going viral and selling gildans is just another way to make money if you can

It’s more about reputation. Brands aren’t worth much more than their reputation in high fashion. They aren’t providing a service like the aforementioned businesses you speak of. If a brand makes moves that damage the perceived quality of their brand they loose money. I guess this is all to say that image is everything in fashion and assc is the type of association that can ruin an image considering the way the business is conducted and the quality of their product.

How long do you think this will last, honestly?

Hmm, he’ll be able to pull this off until another brand with more hype and better quality products knocks him off his first place. Maybe another 6 months? Which makes his brand fragile, because when you’re competing purely on hype with shit customer service, you’ll be a mega one hit wonder. There’s no real foundation in that. I honestly don’t think he cares though, if in 2-3 years he can make enough to retire off this he literally won in life and there’s no denying that.

Like the worst part now is that even if he improved his quality, started releasing actual lines etc, I’m not sure if anybody would really get into that, because that’s not why they were buying it in the first place. They were buying it originally because it’s hype as fuck and it’s a $30 t-shirt to be trendy. There’s always a market for that. For him to switch up and go legit I don’t think he could make that crossover because of the way he’s positioned himself. If we wanted quality hype shit we’ll go cop Palace instead.


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