Syndicate Responds to: Anti Social Social Club Is Dropping 2017 Spring Color Caps This Weekend


Let this be a lesson for any of you younger kids out there trying to start bigcartel brands:

If you blow up with a shitty back-end that can only do Gildan blanks, it’s very difficult to properly expand your product line after you “make it”. Neek is stuck printing on Gildans over and over again because his demand is massive and his staff/factory/business is stuck the way it is. Expect another year of this. All the power to Neek if he can keep selling this crap but if there’s one thing I know about Asian people, as soon as they find the next trendy cheap item, you’re finished. He’s also silkscreening on hats which is super ghetto, jesus man at least embroider them, it’s a fuckin hat.

RIP Been Trill 2.0

personally i love the name, like the logo, and think the shit looks cool but i agree that their should be more pride taken in the quality. you can’t make something matter to someone though. it’s his shit so you gotta take it or leave it.

Yeah, it’s pretty whack. Brands like ASSC, in my opinion are ruining the streetwear community.

There’s nothing wrong with using blanks so long as the medium fits the message. Neek’s been doing weak ass bigcartel brands for years, using the same blanks, using the same fonts. The real lesson here is bombard people with your shitty work over and over again until people basically give in LOL.

Why you gotta sprout negativity against “Asian people” bruh? I see multi-racial fuckboys in this trash, smh

I’m actually Asian myself so it’s okay for me to stereotype my own people. There are other fuccbois too but nobody indiscriminately consumes higher volumes of streetwear than rich mainland chinese kids.

I hear it said all the time, and it’s never made sense to me that someone can stereotype their own ethnicity because they are the ethnicity that they are stereotyping. You can stereotype whoever you want regardless of whoever you are, and it certainly doesn’t make you a saint to stereotype your own race.

Dim-wit, he’s not talking about only ASSC. He’s talking about the Asians that in addition to ASSC wear shit like Know Wave, Bronze, Dime, and other cheap shit carried at stores like Dover Street or Union. I guess if you’re an internet only fashionista then yo can’t see it.


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