Syndicate vs MD: The Y-3 Noci High Returns With an Even More Futuristic Look


fuck…this shoe is why yohiji is still god. sickest designed shoe of the year. fuck yeezy’s distasteful shitty shoes. 11/10. this is honestly the most underrated fresh ass shoe of the year.

Lowkey fire is the best, leave the hype for people who think like sheep

Lmfaooo. You call Yeezys distasteful yet applaud this lego shit? And i wear both. You are such a fucking cornball looking for Upvotes. “Shoe of the year” should be any shoe found stuck in your ass, idiot. 😂

Older yeezys were better, newer ones are whatever. The longer I’ve been on this forum the more I’ve realized you’re really just a bitter old man. I’m here on having real conversations with everybody and everybody can attest to that. You call everybody on here corny who doesn’t accept you. I actually don’t think you know more about this industry than I do anymore because you spend more time insulting kids half your age than talking about what’s really occurring in the biz, which leads to me think you probably don’t even work in it.

You hate on my upvotes cuz I’m gaining more each day and I do it through not insulting 12 year old kids to make myself feel better.

You’re just some dude in your late 30’s who comes on to argue with a bunch of millennials because we make you feel old and disconnected from the culture. Go back to projecting and showing kids half your age pictures of your watches as if that means shit at your age. My friends your age right now who are happily married, and satisfied with their careers don’t camp out on Hypebeast arguging with 12 year old kids over watches and sucking Kanye’s dick. You must be quite dissatisfied with your watches and motorcycle and it shows.


You wrote an Op-ed. And it reeks of jealousy and envy. And you lack context. My watches…were asked to be seen by one of your fellow fuccbois who assumed he can call me out. I buried him. If you’re gonna opening your dick sucker…give facts and be honest, pussy. If I’m Camping out wtf is everyone else doing??. Look at the details you provide. You’re corny for that. If you had any ounce of objectivity, you fucking clown…you’d know I root for the underdog. For those who want to do well in life. For those who have a positive outlook on life. You, on the other hand, choose to be amongst the droves of online trolls who live miserable lives, one article at a time. Little crybaby boys argue over clothes…most of which they don’t own. shit that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I’m an outlier. You are just a fucking dweeb who yearns for acceptance. I love standing alone. You admire me. I don’t even recall discussing anything with your clown ass. 🖕🏾Get off my black cock. You and your virtual fuccbois.

What kind of grown man even feels the need to prove himself to a 17 year old fuccboi on here? See, here’s one thing I learned from being on here for this long. There’s no point in arguing with some 17 year old kid on here, they’re mostly retarded. But the fact they got a rise out of you shows you’re insecure. Is your real name actually Miles Devant or is that somebody else?

I’m a member and camp out on this site too but I don’t spend all my time trying to belittle and insult children. And when they are wrong, I just correct them to educate them. I don’t go running my mouth talking about my watch collection like some insecure Gen Xer.

Everybody know’s you’re the biggest troll on here so calling me a mindless troll means nothing coming from you. I actually work in this industry so this shit does matter to me, and it clearly matters to you too or else you wouldn’t be on here.

You don’t diss me because 99% of the time what I say is objective truth and you know that. And I don’t engage with petty arguments with here on people and I’m more than a decade younger than you. You still spend all on your time insulting people instead of talking about the clothes. Me and my fuccboi friends? That’s you projecting how alienated you feel because you’re the oldest commentor on here, and also not surprisingly the most bitter. What kind of misplaced youth did you live?

MD didn’t reply after that lol 


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