Syndicate Responds to: ALYX’s 2017 Spring/Summer Items Are Available for Pre-Order Now


That was a long 42 slides of whack ass bullshit from Kanye’s third testicle. Off White at least had a somewhat original aesthetic, ALYX is like a shittier version of Off White, with way less visual identity and elegance. One of these slides is a $300 black t-shirt. I was actually insulted they included that in the drop, along with a shitload of other bs accessories.

ALYX is literally nothing like off white.
Yeah the orange bombers are getting played out but those two brands have way different identities.

Like the graphics tee with the cheesy late 90s/early 2000s infomercial type bordering and text displaying the brokeness of monetized love.

Or the simple chaos printed in paradoxically orderly font, easy to pocket in the literal pocket below it.

Plus the New York tee is a nice touch.

Overall, yes Off White is miles ahead and has much more visuallu iconic looks, but things are not randomly the same just because they fall under fashion and both happen to use text and graphics. They are inspired differently.

This label appear to have a complete lack of any identity.. If it wasn’t for the brand’s name plastered over the back of every product, there’s no way anyone would be able to differentiate this from anything else similar on the market.

Off-White’s ‘more visually iconic looks’ are nothing but re-hashed ideas, marketed towards an audience who don’t know any better. I cannot empathize with people who claim to be interested in fashion, but place Virgil in the same laurels as those whom he emulates.

The main point I was trying to establish is that ALYX is just not the same identity as off white. It’s flawed rehashes of another genre, just happens to be in the same medium. Williams don’t know what he’s doing yet.

Like it or not, the off white logo is visually iconic. It’s generally recognizable; and I know the whole perception to his laziness for a huge lack of truly original content, but which is better Ignition or Ignition Remix? Can you like samples of old tracks in brand new productions? Maybe if he gave more credit he’d get better feedback.

I think art is supposed to be unpredictable and reflective, so the feeling that somebody brings new dimension to something you once thought you understood kind of fills that niche. That’s not to say Abloh isn’t leagues below Abe or Slimane though.

If art is supposed to be unpredictable and reflective, what is remotely unpredictable and reflective about this drop? You can extrapolate all you want, this guy is a C rated designer who sucks at all elements of design. The only thing I actually thought was original was the buckles, I’ll give him that. Everything else is just blah, old news, and could be from any label. There’s no new ideas here. Until this guy breaks some ground for us I can’t respect him fully as a designer, especially since he got such a massive leg up from Kanye.

Nah legit I don’t like this collection myself, I’m just saying it wasn’t all bad. I hate how he advertised his brand on the back of the shirts, and it wasn’t appealing to me anyway. I specifically just didn’t like the idea that someone compared two different brands.

The unpredictable remark was more about Abloh than this drop.

Sure, Alyx is not the same identity as Off White. The only reason I compare Alyx to Off White is because they only reason any of us are even looking at it is because it’s one of Kanye’s testicles showing us his work. Displaying the brokeness of monetized love? Man did Matthew Williams himself pay you to write that lol??

That’s pretentious bullshit yo, admit it. This collection is like a 6/10 at best.

I do have an issue with sounding pretentious, I admit, but that’s just how I genuinely feel about that piece. It’s not a good piece, but I understand where it comes from. 6/10 is about where I rated it myself. I liked the denim enough to consider looking at the slides a couple times.

Thank you for your humility. HB is becoming a more civilized place to discuss fashion instead of getting fingerbanged by MD in every post haha.


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