Syndicate Converses with Mega of Blackscale: Black Scale’s 2017 Spring/Summer Lookbook Sees the Return of Rob Garcia


I love talking to Mega on here. That’s the reason I signed up for this website in the first place.

This drop is marginally better than the previous ones. I feel this brand is still greatly struggling to find their new identity past all black t-shirts with occultish graphics. Camo is played out, they should have known that. The denim looks a bit too wild but I’ll give Rob dabs for at least being brave with the design and not pussyfooting out. He completely overshot the target though, which is bad for somebody of with his years of experience. I still think Rob is a B- designer who got lucky with the leather joggers.

This brand came up, then fell off, then Asap saved it briefly, then it fell off again. And I don’t think any other rappers are down to cosign this brand all over again. I’m not sure if this brand was ever designed to evolve past this point. The era of streetwear this brand is from just feels stale now. If they can hire a new design lead and creative director to revive this, maybe they’ll survive another chapter. Until then, this drop is a 5.5/10 because there’s nothing innovative in it except for badly executed denim.

Rob G only does the special projects segments for Black Scale. So it’s not his fault at all if you think the line isn’t up to your standards.

The write up from Hypebeast shouldn’t have mentioned Rob G at all because this collection was designed a year and a half ago and Rob wasn’t back with us then.

Remember we are not a fast fashion brand so we just don’t create these pieces yesterday and release them tomorrow.

Hi Mega. Nice to speak to you again.

Okay I won’t blame Rob. But I design for a few brands too and would you not agree that these designs are a bit dated, even for a year ago?


What up Syndicate.

Camo is forever. Camo never dies. Maybe you’re just a better designer than us. Look forward to seeing them one day.

You guys should hire me to design for you, I’d love to contribute to the ethos of black scale, are you accepting portfolios haha

I think you should do your own line and show the world. It wouldn’t make sense for you to do BS especially if you think you need rappers to co sign a brand to succeed.

Lmao, you’re right. I’ll see you at the trade shows then. I’ve had my shit on Drake once and it didn’t really help sales, I know the rapper thing isn’t the only promotional avenue.

Hard work and dedication. You will def kill it one day. Keep prospering.



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