Whistleblown: Diamond Supply Co. Founder Nick Tershay Reveals His Five-Point Plan to Launching Your Own Brand



Nick is a Sugar Daddy.. Clothing line is repetitive with the same old designs and cuts…His design team has a HIGH turnover rate and his main mans are defecting to other breands….. Screenshot before they delete this..

1. His baby moms whom he cheated on when he sold out
2. Dated Misa Campo.. Tricked her off
3. Got Miis Vietnam 2014 pregnant, paid her off. doesnt acknowledge the child
4. Tricked off Cam model PrincessV and then she kicked him out
5. Now tricking off Diana Mila, known import ‘model’ who sleeps around

Wow HB admin removed 3 of my posts on here and yours. Who is moderating this? Nick Diamond Lmao. Stand and take the criticism bruh, you want to get posted on HB and be famous then take the flack from us. I have screenshots from the admins to prove it.


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